Prime Day Deal with Basepaws from Season 10 Episode 21

Sand Cloud: Beach Towels



stylish Turkish beach towels with an environmental cause


Branon Leibel and Bruno Aschidamini


$200,000 for 8%


$200,000 for 15%


Robert Herjavec



Company Background

What is Sand Cloud?

Sand Cloud is a charitable lifestyle company best known for its colourful handmade Turkish beach towels. The company’s products include towels, shirts and accessories which are sold through an online platform, enabling customers to find and buy towels and accessories online that promote marine life conservation.

Who Founded Sand Cloud?

Sand Cloud was founded in San Diego, California, by three friends with a passion for the ocean. In 2013, Steven Ford and Brandon Leibel took jobs at a local San Diego call center where they would meet their future business partner and lifelong friend, Bruno Aschidamini. The three own the company.

Founder’s Story

Bruno Aschidamini, Steven Ford and Brandon Leibel were selling life insurance from a call center in San Diego. They had a dream to quit their corporate jobs to start a business. Steven Ford and Brandon Leibel’s first attempt at selling beach towels with pillows sewed on them failed. Aschidamini came up with a new name for the business with the hopes of reviving it.

The three then created a business plan, raised money in order to buy their first shipment of towels. Despite putting in a lot of capital, they virtually had no sales to show for it.

Sand cloud went to the surf expo trade show in Orlando. The pillow-less mandala towels was more in demand compared to the pillow-towells. Soon they gave up the pillow towels to focus on the mandala towels. Sand Cloud was gaining momentum and soon they added accessories, water bottles and jewelry to the product line.

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