Tipsy Elves

PitchA collection of quirky and humorous Christmas-themed sweaters, sweater dresses, jumpsuits and accessories.
EntrepreneurNick Morton and Evan Mendelsohn
Asked For$100,000 for 5%
Deal$100,000 for 10%
SharkRobert Herjavec
StatusIn Business

Company Background

What is Tipsy Elves?

Tipsy Elves is a company that puts an entirely modern spin on the classic ugly Christmas sweater. This company sells fun and unique sweaters that spark interesting discussions amongst wearers. These sweaters are currently selling in over two hundred countries worldwide and are making a positive impact by donating $2 of every sweater sale to the nonprofit Stand Up to Cancer.

Tipsy Elves Founders?

Tipsy Elves was founded by Evan Mendelsohn and Nicklaus Morton. Many years ago, Evan had received a law degree and landed a job at a high-profile law firm in California. It turned out to be everything he didn’t want for his life. Nicklaus Morton was a practicing dentist. Both were bored with their careers and wanted a new and exciting venture.

Founder’s Story

During this time, Evan took on side jobs as an SEO specialist. While searching Google for trending words, he stumbled upon ‘ugly Christmas sweaters.’

The rest is history. Evan partnered with his fraternity brother, Nicklaus Morton, and together they learned how to design ugly sweaters on Adobe Photoshop.

Make no mistake; their company hit some roadblocks on its way up. Ugly Christmas sweaters are a long-time tradition that dozens of companies have taken on.

However, Evan and Nicklaus took their designs to a new level of whacky, ridiculous, and hilarious. In 2011, the duo launched their company website, and within a year, they had made 800K in sales.

In addition to Christmas sweaters, Evan and Nicklaus launched a line of ugly Christmas sweater dresses, onesies for adults, and pajamas.

Tipsy Elves Shark Tank Update

Today, Tipsy Elves is flourishing. After making a deal on Shark Tank, the duo launched additional products for other holidays. They continue to primarily sell their sweaters on the Tipsy Elves website and Amazon. Needless to say, there will never be a shortage of demand for the ugly Christmas sweater.

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