Best Shark Tank Young Entrepreneurs

Best Young Entrepreneurs on Shark Tank

  • 1. Measuring Shovel

    13-year-old Maddox Pritchard is the young inventor behind the measuring shovel – a patented shovel with marked measurements that extend from the top of the handle to the tip of the blade. The measuring shovel remains unavailable for sale but there’s no doubt that Maddox’s future is as solid as a rock.

    2. Kudo Banz

    Amanda and Hamza Naqvi appeared on Shark Tank in Season 10, Episode 16, to pitch their collectible bracelet charms awarded to kids for good behaviour. However, it was the couple’s children – Ayaan,11, Mickey,9, and Sofia,6, who stole the show with their entrepreneurial spirit and shrewd negotiation skills.

    3. Drip Drop

    At 15 years old, Sam Nassif and Oliver Greenwald created the Drip Drop – an edible waffle ring that slides onto an ice cream cone to catch melting drips. Their deal with Barbara Corcoran didn’t close but the boys never gave up. After a successful Kickstarter campaign, the Drip Drop cone is back in production.

    5. Babytoon

    After watching her baby sister chew on all the wrong things, 7-year-old Cassidy Crowley decided to make a two-in-one, baby spoon and teether for her. The positive feedback she received, encouraged her to continue developing her teething-spoon. At 10 years old, Cassidy appeared on Shark Tank to pitch the Babytoon where she wowed the Sharks with her eloquent presentation and keen knowledge about the inner working of her business. She eventually left the Shark Tank with a deal from Lori Greiner and the Babytoon has been growing ever since.

    6. Wise Pocket Socks

    Born out of a need to keep her phone securely stored, Sofia Overton created Wise Pocket socks – a pair of socks with secure inner pockets. Sofia appeared in Season 11, Episode 11 of Shark Tank where she accepted a deal from Daymond John and Lori Greiner. Her company, Wise Pocket Products has now expanded into a unique clothing line for active kids and teenagers that features built-in pockets to keep accessories safe and secure.

    7. Yourself Expression (Gracie Roze)

    15 year Shelby Gogulski and her 10 year old brother, Gordy, appeared in Season 7, Epsisode 27 to pitch their line of interchangeable jewelry and accessories. Although the siblings left the Shark Tank without a deal, the company (now Gracie Roze) is still going and growing strong.

    8. Mo’s Bows

    11-year-old Moziah Bridges appeared in Season 5, Episode 26, to pitch his fun and fashionable bow tie collection. Despite leaving the Shark Tank without a deal, Mo’s Bows has grown into an internationally recognized brand. Today, Moziah is en route to college for fashion design studies as he prepares to pursue his dreams of becoming a fashion mogul.

    9. Solemender

    12-year-old Ehan Kamat was determined to help his mother heal her foot pain when he invented the Solemender – a cold therapy foot roller for treating foot pain such as plantar fasciitis. At 17, he appeared in Season 9, Episode 4 and although he left the Shark Tank without a deal, the Solemender went on to become a big hit.

    10. Jack’s Stands & Marketplaces

    10-year-old Jack Bonneau appeared in Season 8, Episode 8 of Shark Tank where he struck a deal with billionaire investor, Chris Sacca. Today, Jack is the founder of a new startup, Teen Hustl – a last mile delivery service which exclusively employs teens as couriers.

    11. BeeSweet Lemonade

    By the age of 10, Mikaila Ulmer had survived bee stings and Shark bites after securing a deal with Daymond John in Season 6, Episode 23 of Shark Tank. Today, her honey-sweetened, flaxseed lemonade is available across the country in Whole Foods Market, The Fresh Market, World Market and in variety of boutique retailers.

    12. Qflex

    Andrea Cao was 13 years old when her mother’s extreme back pain inspired her to create the QFlex – an acupressure and massage tool. With the help of Barbara Corcoran, QFlex sales soared to over $1.3 million in the year after the episode first aired.

    13. Simple Sugars

    In Season 4, Episode 20, 18-year-old Lani Lazzali accepted a deal with Mark Cuban for Simple Sugars – the all-natural skincare company she started at the age of 11. Today, Simple Sugars has grown to over $10 million in sales and continues to provide all-natural skincare products for those with sensitive skin.

    14. Nohbo

    At 16 years old, Benjamin Stern walked away from the Shark Tank with a deal from billionaire investor, Mark Cuban, for his eco-friendly shampoo balls. The company struggled with its formulation at first but after a few years in development Nohbo is back and ready to disrupt the single-use plastic industry.

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