animal inspired faux-fur hoodies


Ashley Haber, Chase Hamilton, Marley Marotta and Alexander Mendeluk


$450,000 for 15%





Company Background

What is SpiritHoods?

SpiritHoods proudly creates 100% fake faux fur apparel for men, women, children and for use around the home, in the form of blankets, pillows, etc. The concept is to channel your inner spirit animal, the name coming from the original animal head hoodie covering. The company then gives 10% of its profits to conservation efforts to protect wildlife globally; in Africa, Asia, and the Arctic.

Who Owns SpiritHoods?

Friends Alexander Mendeluk and Marley Marotta are the original conceivers and co-founders of SpiritHood, which they started in 2009. Alex has an acting background, doing stints in television and theatre while living in Los Angeles. He then got into event photography. He left SpiritHood in 2016 to become CEO of a company that helps brands make the most of social media influencers. Marley is a University of Oregon graduate in Digital Arts that worked in website development. He is still with SpiritHood as the Marketing Director.

Founder’s Story

The original concept for the company was a furry animal hat that came in many forms, from a coyote to a fox or bear. The caps also had long sleeves ending in paws, a place to store typical EDC items like your kets, wallet, etc. Alex and Marley invited their friends Ashley Haber, a professional photographer and designer Latif Hamilton (aka Chase), to join the team with this idea in mind. After a successful crowdfunding campaign and imaginative social media advertising, they were soon up and running, seeing impressive sales, particularly in winter. To date, they’d made almost $10 million in revenue, with celebrity endorsements from the likes of Snoop Dogg and Justin Bieber. However, sales were starting to decline, and to pay off their debts and expand the business; they needed to get an investor on board.

What Happened After Shark Tank Update

Is SpiritHoods Still in Business?

SpiritHoods is still in business and doing well, having extended its product offering to all sorts of apparel choices. You can buy their products online, in niche boutique stores, and the usual range of e-commerce retailers.

They’ve also expanded their product range into sports goods and have linked with like-minded brands in collaborative efforts. Latif is now the company’s CEO.

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