BollyX: Bollywood Dance Fitness Classes

PitchBollywood dance workout and fitness classes
Entrepreneur Shahil Patel
Asked For$375,000 for an 8%

Company Background

What is BollyX?

Bolly X is a Bollywood-inspired dance fitness program. The 50-minute workout program entails high and low-intensity dance moves that are safe and effective in burning calories. The program’s primary goal is to bring in the fun, energy, and excitement of Bollywood music into a workout. In addition, the experience connects the mind and body through dance, resulting in positive thinking, self-love, and staying fit.

Who Owns BollyX?

Shahil Patel and Minal Mehta are the co-founders of Bolly X. Today, Shahil Patel and Minal Mehta remain at the forefront of the company as CEO and president, respectively. The duo are also AFAA-certified fitness instructors and master trainers with Bolly X where they lead group exercise classes and train instructors at various locations countrywide.

Founder’s Story

The two co-founders met at UC Berkeley, where they were both were members of a Bollywood dance team. Shahil led the team (Ishaara) to the semifinals of America’s Got Talent. After the semifinal rounds at America’s Got Talent (2009), Shahil was determined to take Bollywood Dance to the rest of the world. So he traveled around America choreographing and performing Bollywood dances which attracted huge crowds. He has also performed alongside celebrity superstars such as Jamie Foxx, Gloria Estefan, Diana Ross, and Enrique Iglesias. Four years later (i.e., 2013), he co-launched Bolly X with Minal Mehta and taught Bollywood moves whenever given the opportunity.

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