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A healthy meal with profound effects on your kids will stay with the young ones a lifetime if they learn how to eat healthy at an early age. However, the habit prevents chronic diseases like obesity, high blood pressure and heart diseases. Some parents in busy homes find it hard to fix their children a healthy snack. Thanks to Yumble founders Joanna and David Parker, meal delivery packages are no longer a reserve for the adults. The delivery service provides busy homes with children designed ready-to-eat foods out of the box, customized to meet their clients’ demands.

The Founders’ Story

The idea popped in when Joanna, a mother of three picky kids, realized how hard and frustrating it was assembling meals to make good food for the children. However, the young mother still managed to make wholesome meals for the family. She started her service experimental journey with pre-made foods kids loved. These foods included pizza, vegetables and chicken nuggets. Joanna aims to solve the painful experience busy parents go through daily.

The mother of three realized she could make her delivery service a company when she started having a long list even though she was starting the venture. Yumble uses nutrient-based proteins, fats, vegetables, grains, spices and herbs to help the young bodies grow. The approximately 2minutes microwavable Yumble foods are sourced with organic, seasonal and local ingredients per the client’s request. With dozen options from breakfast, lunch and dinner, the Parkers also serve the kids gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free and vegetarian options.

Yumble meal kits come in a weekly subscription of 6, 12 or 24 meals and get your orders shipped depending on your location, though you can decide to skip or cancel an order any time. Yumble also gives a 25% discount on new clients for the first two weeks. With varying prices on subscriptions, the six meal plan will cost clients $47.84, twelve meal plan $89.88 and $167.76 for a twenty-four meal plan. While on Shark Tank, the company got $500,000 for 6% from Shark Bethenny Frankel after asking for $500,000 for 4% to enable the company to make the children designed meal kits available countrywide. However, the former Real Housewives of New York star and Skinnygirl CEO Frankel is not the first investor to bank on the Parkers. Before their appearance on the television program Shark Tank in 2018, the kids’ meal delivery service raised $8.5 million from a venture group including Sonoma Brands. Still, in business, Yumble has received countrywide recognition with free deliveries and shipping.

Though all food lovers like to eat in restaurants, nothing excites working moms like having a home-made nicely whipped meal kit delivered for your kids. Food shopping and preparation can be frustrating, especially for busy homes. With 20 healthy options weekly with fresh and organic ingredients, Yumble has brought health into homes. Thanks to their kits’ labeling, the company’s clients are guaranteed their personalized and customized orders. Working parents can now be assured that their children’s young bodies will grow with healthy food options from Yumble.

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