activated carbon odor absorbing shoe inserts


Taylor Wiegele and Sierra Smith


$150,000 for 8%


$150,000 for 22.5%


Lori Greiner and Charles Barkley



Company Background

What is Zorpads?

Smelly feet or smelly shoes can be embarrassing to anyone and a blow to your self-esteem. Zorpads ensure that you are not at the end of that embarrassment. Zorpads are shoe inserts that were designed to eliminate odors and keep your shoes smelling fresh. The product does not leave a mess or residue and it lasts up to 60 years.

Who Founded Zorpads?

Zorpads was founded in 2017 primarily by Sierra Smith and Taylor Wiegele. The two were MBA at the time in Harvard Business School. Even after graduating the two continued to work on Zorpads despite their different career paths. Smith was a healthcare consultant based in New York while Wiegele was a product marketer in Los Angeles.

Founder’s Story

With the desire to develop their own venture in the first year, the two stumbled on the Zorpads idea, originally known as N’Odor. When brainstorming on ventures to start, as Harvard students, a group member removed her shoes and noticed that the smell was unbearable.

The founders went on to discover that products on the market weren’t working based on their classmate’s statement. Available products would make the shoes tighter, did not eliminate the smell or would bunch up in her shoes.

It was then, that the duo knew that this was a problem they were destined to solve. Wiegele used his knowledge and experience as an engineer at SpaceX to come up with a small adhesive square designed with the ability to absorb more odor than anything else on the market.

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