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literacy building app that helps you create, manage and measure reading challenges


Felix Brand Lloyd and Jordan Lloyd Bookey


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Company Background

What is Zoobean?

Zoobean is an education-based company centered around reading and literacy promotion. They divide their products into four main groups based on target audience: libraries, schools, consumers, and companies.

Some of their product offerings include Beanstack for Libraries, software which helps track data and promote student participation, Badge Books, reading logs and sticker books for children, and Hourglass, a smart night light that is app-connected to track home reading time.

Who Owns Zoobean?

The company was co-founded by husband and wife duo Felix Brandon and Jordan Lloyd Bookey, Executive Officer and Chief Client Success Officer respectively. Felix earned his bachelor’s degree in Television, Radio, & Film from Syracuse University and his M.F.A. in Fiction Writing from Washington University in St. Louis.

After completing his studies, he worked in a variety of creative and educational roles before co-founding Zoobean in 2013.

Jordan earned her bachelor’s degree in Latin American Studies from Wesleyan University and her M.B.A. in Entrepreneurship and Strategy from the University of Pennsylvania. Prior to Zoobean, she worked as an educator and later as Head of K-12 Education Outreach for Google.

Founder’s Story

Felix and Jordan initially considered co-founding a company after reading their young son a bedtime story one night.

The book they were reading featured an interracial family, same as their own; and at one point their son pointed to one of the pictures and remarked that the family was just like theirs.

Moved by this small but powerful moment, the couple sought to bring similar representation to other families who may look a bit different than is typically presented in the media.

This initiative is what would later become the Zoobean of today.

Zoobean Shark Tank Update

Is Zoobean Still in Business?

Zoobean remains in business and continues to perform well. The company has since expanded from their original aim to include literacy promotion more broadly, including the development of various software programs for schools and organizations to utilize.

Felix and Jordan transforming Zoobean’s business model to include a broader range of products has allowed the company to grow substantially and promote education to young readers across the country.

The company’s products are currently available on their website, beanstock.com, and they look forward to their ongoing development of new and innovative ways to make learning fun.

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