Zipz Wine

PitchSingle serve wine
EntrepreneurAndrew McMurray
Asked For$2.5 million for 10%
Deal$2.5 million for 10% + option to buy 10% at the same valuation if exiting
SharkKevin O’Leary

Company Background

What is Zipz Wine?

Zipz Wine produces four unique colorful plastic vessels that can hold individual wine servings. Each cup has a dual function protective lid that can serve as a coaster. The design was inspired by convenience and cleanliness.

Who Owns Zipz Wine?

Zipz Wine was founded by Andrew McMurry and J. Henry Scott. Prior to starting their latest venture, they each had a background in other areas. McMurry was a business graduate from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, where he got his start in the industry.

Founder’s Story

J. Henry Scott started his career as a producer for HD Productions, an independent film company. He then went on to work in the wellness industry as a corporate developer for AireSpa right before meeting McMurry to form Zipz Wine.

McMurry had served as the Vice President of Zachys Wine and Liquor since 1993, where he gained experience as a career wine enthusiast. He earned several endorsements for his talents in the wine industry prior to starting his venture.

McMurry and Scott soon met and came up with a new idea on selling wine. Their vision included a strategy which would sell it in a way that was sanitary and convenient. That strategy would allow the wine to be sold in single servings rather than one big bottle.

They decided to form the company when they met in Citi Field, New York. Once they had the idea of the zip cases in place, they formed a partnership with Fetz Vineyard right before their debut on Shark Tank.

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