Yellow Leaf Hammocks




handmade hammocks with a social cause


Joe Demin and Rachel Connors


$400,000 for 7%


$1 MILLION for 25%


Daniel Lubetsky

Company Background

What is Yellow Leaf Hammocks?

Yellow Leaf Hammocks is a unique hammock production and distribution company that focuses on scaling relaxation and driving social impact. It specializes in selling brightly colored, outstanding, cotton hammocks that are handwoven by members of the Mlabri Tribe in Thailand. Yellow Leaf Hammocks products have amassed significant popularity since they entered the market, with customers appreciating their ultra-soft yarns, rot and mold resistance, weather-friendliness, and triple-weave construction design.

Who Founded Yellow Leaf Hammocks?

Yellow Leaf Hammocks was founded by Joe Demin and Rachel Connors. Joe worked in the commercial real estate development industry before the 2008 recession kicked in, forcing him out of the job. He took off to Hawaii, where they eventually teamed up with his wife Rachel on a mission to spread worldwide bliss while empowering impoverished communities.

Founder’s Story

During a vacation in Thailand in 2011, Joe decided to go for an impromptu adventure on a motorcycle that ended up in him discovering the most comfortable hammock hanging behind a small hut. He believed that he had to share his discovery with the rest of the world, fitting as many as he could in his backpack to take back home.

However, he realized that there were so many weavers with the desire to put their skills to work so they could better their living standards. In that regard, Joe came back to the US and eventually started the business together with Rachel. Their inspiration was to create an opportunity to break the cycle of poverty for families living in Thailand. In addition to that, they wanted to help Americans cope with stress while relaxing at home.

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