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Wondercide Update



line of safe pesticide alternatives for pets, people, and property


Stephanie Boone


$500,000 for 5%


$500,000 for 3% + $0.50 royalty per unit sold until repaid ($16.6 million valuation)


Lori Greiner



Wondercide is the eco-friendly pesticides company committed to bringing you safe alternatives to traditionally toxic pesticides. Their line of biodegradable, naturally-derived pesticides include products for pets and people, as well as indoor and outdoor use.

The Austin, Texas based company began in 2008 after founder, Stephanie Boone’s dog Luna became very ill from conventional flea and tick treatments.

Before their appearance on Shark Tank in 2016, the company had made $4 million in sales to date.

Since securing one of the Shark Tank’s biggest deals, Wondercide has expanded into over 600 retail locations and remains committed to ecological, ethical, and social standards.

Wondercide Reviews

The company’s best selling item has been the Wondercide Natural Products – Flea, Tick and Mosquito Control Treatment with a 3.9-star rating and over 4000 reviews on Amazon.

Customer reviews on the popular Shopper Approved list a 4.7-star rating based over 34,000 ratings.

A few years ago, the company received a lot of complaints from customers who weren’t happy with changes made to the formula. Some of the misconceptions behind the reformulation issues were addressed in this blog.

The new formula includes naturally-derived sodium lauryl sulfate – an ingredient found in most major natural pet pest products including big brands like Vet’s Best. The bad press may have hurt Wondercide’s reputation but they still remain a solid solution for natural pet pest problems.

Wondercide Line of Natural Pet Pest Control Solutions

Wondercide Alternatives

With over 10,000 Amazon ratings throughout their line of natural flea and tick control Products, Vet’s Best Flea and Tick Control holds the #1 spot for best-selling products in the category.

Vet’s Best Line of Natural Pet Pest Control Solutions

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