Wine Balloon (Air Cork): Wine Preserver

PitchAir bulb pump for wine preservation
EntrepreneurEric Corti
Asked For$40,000 for 30%
Deal$400,000 for 100%
SharkMark Cuban and Lori Greiner

Company Background

What is Wine Balloon?

The Wine Balloon is a simple tube and pump operation that fills the space in the wine bottle neck and stops air from entering the bottle. The device uses a hand pump shaped like a grape bunch which is attached to a tube with an inflatable balloon at the end.

Who Owns Wine Balloon?

Eric Corti has been a leader in the commercial construction business for over 30 years. He currently serves as the COO for Structure First in Cincinnati, OH. Structure First functions as a client management liaison to construct financial facilities. Eric holds a BS in Building Construction Management from Purdue University.

Founder’s Story

Eric and his wife Lisa loved to savor a good bottle of wine, but that meant they usually didn’t finish the bottle in one sitting. However, without a good way to seal the wine, the Cortis found that leftovers wouldn’t keep well. Eric had an epiphany one day and fashioned a temporary stop by cutting up a blood pressure cuff and attaching a balloon to the end. After a device test, with Lisa tasting the stored wine, they discovered that his invention worked. What followed was a new business venture where the Wine Balloon was born. After some attempts to find investors and sell the product on their own, in 2018, Eric joined a partnership with some individuals in the food industry. They re-branded the Wine Balloon, and named it the Air Cork. The Air Cork has since become highly successful through retail and online sales as well as wineries.

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