Wee Can Shop

Pitch miniature gift store for kids
EntrepreneurKimberly Foley and Matthew Foley
Asked For$200,000 for 30%

Company Background

What is Wee Can Shop?

Going shopping can be an exhilarating experience. Often, we go shopping with our little ones. However, we never actively engage them in the shopping activity. Thanks to Wee Can Shop, parents could also engage their children in shopping. Using small customized shopping carts, children could shop for their loved ones under the supervision of their parents. Wee Can Shop experience extended to offering a birthday package.

Who is the Founder of Wee Can Shop?

Wee Can Shop was founded by three siblings: Kimberly Foley, Hope Foley, and Matthew Foley.

The siblings wound up their business when they couldn’t find financing to maintain the business.

The trio hardly has any social media presence to show what they did before the company and what they are currently doing, except for a teaser tweet by Kimberly Foley in 2019 indicating they are about to make a comeback.

Founder’s Story

The three siblings were motivated to start Wee Can Shop to teach children compassion and inculcate responsibility. Children could pick gifts for their loved ones through this one-of-a-kind shop, push their pint-size trolleys, and even pay the cashiers.

To supplement the proceeds from the shop, it also had a birthday party package.

Despite Wee Can Shop being unique and parents loving the concept, it didn’t live up to its billing. The siblings had invested about $120,000. The investment was used to buy products and to customize carts to accommodate children.

However, the investors were unable to recoup the money invested. Therefore, they resorted to seeking a franchise arrangement to keep the business afloat. Unfortunately, they couldn’t find investors and were forced to close the shop.

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