VPcabs: Virtual Pinball Machine

Pitchvirtual pinball machines
EntrepreneurBrad Baker
Asked For$200,000 for 10%
Deal$200,000 for 25%
SharkDaymond John
StatusIn Business

Company Background

What is VPcabs?

VPCabs Virtual Pinball machine prides itself in having several pinball games on one device. The pinball games are created in retrofitted machines that come in several designs. The notable ones include The Vertigo, The Wizard, and The Classic. The game is made using plywood, graphic cards, and monitors that display the game.

Who is the VPcabs Founder?

Brad Baker of Cincinnati, Ohio, is the creator of VPCabs Virtual Pinball. Baker had been into self-employment virtually all his adult life. Founding VPCabs was merely a continuation of this journey. The company allowed Brad to exercise leadership skills, which has led to the expansion of the business. He is still the CEO of VPCabs.

Founder’s Story

Baker’s brother inadvertently steered him towards entrepreneurship. The brother who operated an arcade business wanted Baker to install virtual games inside an old pinball machine.

Baker successfully installed the game and subsequently got many other orders from other business people from the area. As he couldn’t handle all the orders from his garage, he had to move out to get a larger working area.

In sum, the idea to create this business was sheer genius. The virtual pinball machines only needed a one-off investment in making the board and fitting the electronic parts. Once fitted, the buyer had access to several hundred pinball games.

This made the business an exciting prospect.

Baker comfortably made 50% profit margins on selling the pinballs, but felt that with the help of a Shark he could take his business to the next level.

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