Villy Custom

PitchCruiser bicycles for adults
EntrepreneurFleetwood Hicks
Asked For$500,000 for 33%
Deal $500,000 for 42%
SharkMark Cuban and Barbara Corcoran

Company Background

What is Villy Custom?

Villy Custom is famous for making bikes for their adult clientele based on their preferences. The company tailor-makes cruiser bikes based on the choice of the client.

The client dictates all the bike specifications from the color, flat pedals, chains, and additional accessories like cup holders. Clients also have a choice to buy already assembled cruiser bikes.

Who Owns Villy Custom?

Fleetwood Hicks is the brains behind the creative Villy Custom brand. In his previous life, he was a graphics designer before his entrepreneurial journey with customizing bikes. Fleetwood also ran a clothing line called Zedhed. He is still the current CEO of Villy Custom.

Founder’s Story

To say that Fleetwood Hicks started his business as an accident would be an understatement. While on a business trip in Los Angeles, he went to Venice Beach, hired a cruiser bike, and rent on a ride. He was meant to ride for only one hour but took six hours, which infuriated the bike owner.

When he went back to Dallas, he bought a cruiser bike, and soon he had five. Fleetwood was urged by his friends to open a cruiser bike shop. In so doing, he started a small cruiser shop where he would sell bikes from other brands.

Fleetwood eventually ventured into making customized bikes. He initially had trouble raising capital to stabilize the company, so he would dig into his savings. Luckily, when he sought funds through crowdfunding, he raised over $10000, making mass production a possibility. The donations also signified that Villy Custom is a great product, giving Fleetwood the drive to keep making the bikes. Fun fact, Villy Custom is named after Fleetwood’s mastiff named Deville.

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