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$250,000 for 20%







Victory Coffees is one Shark Tank idea that got rejected but ultimately found its way to thrive. This coffee subscription was founded by Cade Courtley, a former Navy Seal sniper who found solace in a coffee cup during deployments. In one of the 8th season’s episodes, Cade asked the Sharks for $250,000 for a 20% stake in his company, but none of the sharks found it a good idea to invest in, thanks to the drink’s competitiveness in the market. Additionally, the Sharks thought the former sniper was too ambitious with his subscription service. Though no shark offered Cade a deal, the television program helped him with publicity, thanks to the Shark Tank effect. The program was also made aware of his idea of the competitive market. With a 1940’s theme and a vintage logo, Victory Coffees is a thriving business with tremendous reviews and sales.

Victory Coffees’ Story

As a former Navy Seal sniper and security contractor, Cade is a man who got used to hostile environments. After several military tours in his line of duty, Cade craved normalcy and luckily found it in a hot cup of coffee. The craving eventually triggered the idea of the business and brand. His other motivation was ‘not being shot at’ while out carrying out military courses. Eight months into the business’ commencement, Cade had made $30,000 online without depending on advertising.

The difference with Victory Coffees is, customers have varied options to choose from, ranging from different organically grown to international blends. The coffee availability on the ground, whole bean and K-cups with military-thematic names is customized to meet a client’s needs and preferences.

Victory Coffees After Shark Tank

Despite leaving the Shark Tank without a deal, today Victory Coffees is successfully thriving company.

The coffee subscription business is one of the companies with a 5 star rating on Facebook. With a thumbs-up on their services and prices, Victory Coffees was featured on Fox News for its charitable donation to a veteran’s hospital in Phoenix. Additionally, the company made appearances on various Christmas lists. With great sales on his coffee, Cade believes that no matter the challenges someone has, they have a right to start their day victorious with Victory Coffees.

Coffee subscription has been made even easier, thanks to Victory Coffees. Customized for different coffee lovers, clients pick their options from the organically grown and fairly traded international blends. Additionally, the customers also decide on the number of cups taken each day and whether they want their coffee ground, whole bean or single-cup pods. After placing the order, the subscription company makes the delivery to your place.

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