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Victoria’s Kitchen – Almond Water – Update



all-natural almond water and other beverages


Deborah Meniane and David Meniane


$200,000 for 20%







In 2011, childhood sweethearts David and Deborah Meliane founded Victoria’s Kitchen. The company makes almond water that is light, crisp, and refreshing, a popular European drink that found its way to American Shelves from the two sweethearts’ efforts. It is vegan and all-natural, made with purified water, cane sugar, almond, vanilla, rose, and citric acid.

The Drive for Victoria’s Kitchen

David and Deborah relocated from France to the United States after marriage in 2001. Victoria, David’s Grandmother, was the original producer of almond water, which she made almost daily for her grandchildren. The couple carried their grandmother’s recipe to the USA and continued mixing the concoctions through the years. As people who loved hosting guests made the drink often and received numerous positive feedback that triggered their desire for marketing the product. In 2011, they bottled the product and gained significant popularity in 2012 through The Winter Fancy Food Show.

Victoria’s Kitchen before Shark Tank

Victoria’s Kitchen made beverage sales in over 800 stores in numerous supermarkets nationwide. The business thrived to $160,000 in year 1, $330,000 in year two, and they were at $230,000 in year 3. Rapid growth meant expanding and exploring other strategies to ensure revenue and maintain popularity in the competitive market. As sales and popularity grew, David and Debora decided to develop through the introduction of other grandmothers drinks, including her lemonade drink with less sugar than the traditional lemonade.

Victoria’s Kitchen experienced a decline in sales after unsuccessful attempts to make new flavor introductions. They had already made $250,000 in investments, and they needed to salvage the company and expand. They further needed funding to compete with well-established, popular brands and thus decided to pitch the business to Shark Tank.

Victoria’s Kitchen Pitchon Shark Tank

David and Deborah made their pitch for the all-natural almond water and other beverages. Unfortunately, the Sharks were not convinced of the business’s viability and potential, and the two sweethearts did not close any deal.

Victoria’s Kitchen after Shark Tank Appearance

The couple was more motivated after their presentation on Shark Tank. They loved the shark’s positive comments despite the lack of a deal and were convinced that their business deserved a place in the market. They overcame trying moments of insufficient funding, and they thought their business would go under. Luckily, their appearance on Shark Tank was a marketing opportunity that saw an influx of orders for Victoria’s Kitchen product, and they made huge sales worth $30,000.

The influx of sales presented as a challenge to David and Deborah due to high demand versus low production. In 2015, they received the Gold Award winner, liquid refreshment category of Beverage World’s global packaging design awards. They were in negotiation with several retailers to expand their products’ coverage, including Kroger and HEB. The company received publicity on NBC sitcom ‘Superstore.’

In October 2017, Victoria’s Kitchen was acquired by Life On Earth Inc. The company had sold over a million units with a lifetime revenues of more than $1.4 million, with revenue projected to grow significantly over the years. However, today, Victoria’s Kitchen appears to be at a standstill. Although the company still exists as a Life On Earth brand, the company’s website has been down for some time and it remains unclear when Victoria’s Kitchen Almond Water will be back in production.

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