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Vermont Butcher Block and Board Company Shark Tank Business

Vermont Butcher Block Shark Tank Summary

EpisodeSeason 4 Episode 23
Businesscustom home fursnishings and woodwork
EntrepreneurDavid Glickman
Asked For$400,000 for 25%
Accepted OfferNo/None
SharkNo Shark
Business StatusOut of Business
Net Worth

Company Background

What is Vermont Butcher Block and Board Company?

With an eye on beauty and functionality and superb craftmanship to match, Vermont Butcher Block is a player in the custom kitchen game to be taken notice of.

Vermont Butcher Block can provide breathtaking and family legacy-worthy custom home furnishings made from real wood, with real character, made by real woodworkers in a shop that cares and is not just trying to mass-produce a knockoff butcher block.

Who Owns Vermont Butcher Block and Board Company?

Lucas Jenson left his previous roles in consulting and marketing in and around the Boston, Massachusetts area to turn his full attention to his passion for quality woodworking.

In his own words, he was more comfortable “in the maintenance rooms than the conference rooms” and sought to build an impressive business from that thought process.

Founder’s Story

Leaving Boston and heading to Vermont with a few cabinetry, carpentry, and furniture making skills, he started a small construction company making cabinets and decks.

Jenson soon focused his dream on a few simple but hard to fully implement major tenets of his business philosophy: to only use the highest possible quality wood in his products, to enable, encourage, empower and employ the absolute finest woodworking artists and tradesmen that he could possibly find, to never cut corners or rush their works of art, but to always take pride and ownership in every fine butcherblock they ever make.

Lucas Jenson also feels it is very important to protect the longevity and lasting beauty of Vermont Butcher Blocks so the company is also available for all advice on regular cleaning and maintenance and all best practices to keep the handsome wood staying strong for a long time.

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