Prime Day Deal with Basepaws from Season 10 Episode 21

The Uroclub



portable golf club urinal gag gift


Floyd Seskin


$25,000 for 51%


$25,000 for 70%


Kevin Harrington



Company Background

What is The Uroclub?

Uro Club is a “self-contained receptacle” that serves as a urinal but is disguised as a 7-iron golf club for maximum discreetness. It allows users to effectively relieve themselves while out all day on the 18-hole golf course. It also comes complete with a screw-on lid which is triple sealed to prevent it from leaking out. A towel, called a privacy shield, helps to give users an extra layer of privacy whilst doing their business.

Who Founded The Uroclub?

Uro Club is owned by Dr. Floyd Seskin, a board-certified urologist. He has a background in urological surgery, owning a successful practice based in Florida. He has a background in treating a variety of different patients in his office, and he has found one of the key complaints of many male clients is that they struggle from high levels of anxiety and embarrassment when needing to use the restroom whilst on the golf course. The Uro Club was thus designed to deal with that issue and make their lives easier.

Founder’s Story

As a practicing urologist, Dr. Seskin stated that he knows all too well that many of the patients that he sees daily struggle with holding their urine in for long periods which can cause them discomfort and embarrassment. This is especially true of those who play golf and have no access to a restroom whilst they are out on the course. Some courses can stretch for miles with no facilities in sight, and he sought to change that with his unique invention, the Uro Club.

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