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Company Background

What is Urban Float?

Are you dealing with some pain? Would you want to manage your pain? Look no further. Urban Float is the right company for you. The company relies on the science of flotation therapy. You may not know this, but various studies have shown floating has lasting physical, mental, and emotional benefits. Urban Float aims to create a clean, calm, and welcoming environment to enable guests to get the most from flotation therapy.

Whether you need pain management, stress relief, sports recovery, and enhanced focus or to take a break from a hyper-connected world, Urban Float designs a sanctuary to make it possible for everyone to enjoy a quality life. Thanks to being fitted with the best flotation systems for enhanced safety, comfort and convenience and convenience, you can be sure you will get the help you are looking for.

Founder’s Story

In 2011, the would-be co-founder, Joe Beaudry, explored his options to deal with stress and improve performance while focusing on his career. He came across floating, and that would mean the start of something great. His experiences set him on the right path to developing a professional floating solution.

In 2012, Joe decided to make an appointment with serial entrepreneur and CEO, Scott Swerland, while looking for a partner to help bring his idea to life. At some point, Scott and his family went on a vacation and decided to try the idea. Surprisingly, for four days, following their first float, lifelong pains like arthritis had disappeared. Scott, a laser-focused retailer on executional details, saw a clear disconnect between what existing operators and what the floating experience would offer. It was a significant motivation, and in 2013 the first Urban Float was launched and began changing and making the floating industry better.

What Happened After Shark Tank Update

The company has seen some tremendous growth over the last couple of years. It now has four locations in Seattle, one in Tacoma and another in Vancouver, Washington. It also runs some operations in Ohio, Texas, and Delaware. There are plans to expand into other states in the future. How do the Urban Float services work? Clients float in a sensory deprivation pod filled with water, which provides stress relief while treating pain management. According to Urban Float, recently published studies indicate that floating can provide lasting physical, mental and emotional benefits.

According to the Urban Float CEO Scott Swerland, appearing on Shark Tank gave the company international exposure and enabled them to reach many people in order to share their vision of bringing float therapy closer to the community. It has enabled the company to educate many people on float therapy benefits and why it is an excellent choice for anyone interested in pain management and stress relief.

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