Unreal Deli: Vegan Deli Meats

Pitchvegan, plant-based corned beef and deli meats
EntrepreneurJenny Goldfarb
Asked For$100,000 for 10%
Deal$250,000 for 20%
SharkMark Cuban
StatusIn Business

Company Background

What is Unreal Deli?

The Unreal Deli is on a mission to revolutionize deli foods by creating delicious plant-based meats as it works towards a healthy future for humans, animals, and the Earth. Unreal Deli’s meats are grown in a garden but provide an authentic meat taste with a wide array of health benefits.

Who Owns Unreal Deli?

Unreal Deli’s founder Jenny Goldfarb lives in Los Angeles. She studied business at George Washington University and worked in technology before founding her first business, Count Your Colors. Goldfarb used her family’s 100 years of experience in the deli trade to establish the Unreal Deli, which she continues to run.

Founder’s Story

For most of her young adult life, Goldfarb lived on the Standard American Diet, but this changed when she discovered the suffering of factory farm animals and adopted a vegan diet. She created a plant-based corned beef alternative that her family preferred to the real thing.

Goldfarb’s father encouraged her to turn her veganism into a business. Beginning in her home kitchen, she initially sold her vegan corned beef to restaurants. Covid-19 then struck and threatened to derail her growing success. She changed gears by entering retail through supermarkets, turning Unreal Deli into the highly successful business it is today.

What Happened After Shark Tank Update

Is Unreal Deli Still in Business?

Unreal Deli is now open for business in more cities in the United States under Goldfarb’s leadership with entrepreneur Mark Cuban as a partner. Unreal Deli went from $10,000 in revenue to the potential to earn millions in sales. The Unreal Deli has added more vegan foods to its range.

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