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Uncle Zip’s Beef Jerky Shark Tank Update: What Happened After Shark Tank?

PitchAuthentic homemade preservative-free and chemical-free beef jerky
Entrepreneur Ken Howell
Asked For$25,000 for 20%

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  1. Exactly the same thing. I ordered a 2 pack of beef jerky for my husband’s and it’s anniversary because he loves beef jerky’s I ordered it on October 24th and within a week I hadn’t heard anything so I called and he claimed he had just changed distributors but he would send it immediately and send out something extra for the issue. I get an email on 11/4/2020 stating it had been shipped. So I waited a few more days and followed up online with the shipping number and it had never been shipped the label had only been created. So I called yet again on a Monday and I was promised it would bE here by Saturday and yet again it doesn’t show up. Here were are a month later and I call and speak to them and they said they are behind because of COVID and the holidays. So I requested a refund and said I would not get off the line until I got a confirmation number but he then stated he could not find my information and it was running slow due to he was on a hotspot. Every time I spoke to him he had an excuse, different distributor, moved to a new location, couldn’t find my card information. He is shady and is stealing Money from people!!!! BEWARE DO NOT ORDER FROM HIM!!!! I HAVE MY OWN BUSINESS AND IF I DID WHAT HE DID I WOULD BE BANKRUPT! PLEASE TAKE IT FROM ME HE WILL JUST STEAL YOUR MONEY!!!

  2. Don’t attempt a purchase form Uncle Zip. They take the money but don’t ship product and don’t respond to emails.


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