Twist It Up Comb




comb for twisting afro-centric hair


Noel Durity


$225,000 for 15%


$225,000 for 25%


Mark Cuban and Daymond John



Company Background

What is Twist It Up Comb?

Twist It Up is a comb that is suitable for twisting natural hair. The comb resembles a tennis racket, and it works in circular motions to twist Bantu hair within no time. This unique styling tool is portable, washable, and saves you money as it is made from the most durable materials.

Who Founded Twist It Up Comb?

Twist It Up was founded by CEO Noel Durity, a real estate broker, before starting the comb company. Noel discovered that twisting hair using a tennis racket was effective after seeing a guy doing it on a YouTube video. Picking it from there, Noel started his company in Italy with three employees; nonetheless, the company is growing steadily.

Founder’s Story

Growing up, Noel carried many insecurities that he tried to cover by growing his hair to cover his forehead. The urge to look elegant with afro hair motivated Noel to find out how to twist his hair. Noel traveled widely to search for an effective comb, but he failed, and this inspired him to make his comb.

His two friends Derrall Brownlee and Adrian Brown, motivated him in his venture. They often admired his twisted hair and wanted to learn the art too. The two friends have ever since then partnered with Noel to grow the company.

Like any other business, Twist It Up has experienced ups and downs in its growth. The company was affected by the shutdown of some Chinese companies that supplied it with the materials for manufacturing the comb. However, it later got assistance and purchased its manufacturing products from a company in California.

In 2018, the company had three workers with an income of around $500,000. The company aims at making millions of dollars, and sure it has following the recent reports. Thanks to Noel’s resilience and willingness to speak his mind. It was with this attitude that Noel hoped to hook a Shark when he auditioned for Shark Tank in 2018.

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