Twin Z Pillow

Pitchc-shaped pillows for twins
EntrepreneurMichelle Barsosky
Asked For$75,000 for 10%
Deal$75,000 for 15%
SharkLori Greiner
StatusIn Business

Company Background

What is Twin Z Pillow?

Twin Z Pillow is the perfect feeding solution for moms who’ve had twins. It’s a dual-purpose pillow for both babies that also provides back support for the mother. The company also offers single-baby feeding pillows and pillows for toddlers and adults, which support the neck and helps reduce the potential to snore in the case of adults.

Who Owns Twin Z Pillow?

Husband and wife team Jason and Michelle Barsosky, from New Hampshire, are the co-founders of Twin Z Pillow, which they started in 2009. Both have a background in pharmaceutical sales. They both remain in their positions as executives within the company.

Founder’s Story

It is often unknown that newborn babies sometimes need feeding up to 10 times a day, equaling 12 hours.

Now imagine how much time that consumes when you have twins! When Michelle had twins, she battled to find a solution that would allow her to feed both babies simultaneously and comfortably on the market.

So digging out her mom’s old sewer, she made one herself using multiple pillows. She then noticed that it could double up as a chair for both babies when not in use.

At the time, both Jason and Michelle had recently lost their corporate jobs. Jason was now working a menial job part-time to generate income, so he wasn’t around much, and Michelle’s friends and family would come over to offer support with the babies.

Consequently, seeing her with this new design, word soon spread, which prompted her to get a patent. While only sourcing materials from the US, she raised some capital and began producing more, selling them online.

It wasn’t long afterward that she got a contract with Target, a large clothing and merchandise retailer. Then over two years selling the product, they managed to generate $550,000 in sales.

Buoyed by their success, they decided to look for an investor to expand their retail presence.

What Happened to Twin Z Pillow After Shark Tank Update

Is Twin Z Pillow Still in Business?

Twin Z Pillow remains in business, which is unsurprising given that, on average, 1.6 million twins are born every year. The company is headquartered in Atlanta, GA, now.

As mentioned, they have since expanded their product range to single baby pillows and an adult range. In addition, you can purchase the product online and through the usual e-commerce retailers.

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