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Nothing excites a parent, especially mothers, than having a comfortable way to carry their kids around. Several manufacturers have tried to come up with baby carriers, and though they have made baby carrying easy, not all are all-time efficient and convenient. However, TushBaby has attempted to resolve this problem. The up-down sideways baby carrier with a stool for the baby to sit on is more comfortable for both the baby and the parent, and it gives the baby room to look around without restrictions. The founder of baby carrier TushBaby, Tammy Rant, got concerned with back and joint pains associated with carrying children at the hip. With her uniquely designed baby carrier, parents can comfortably carry kids without straining with weight distribution.

The founder’s story

Tammy has a daughter who always wanted to be held like a toddler. She found herself uncomfortably carrying her daughter around with complicated baby carriers that were not ideal for her. The idea of her baby hanging from her at events and gatherings made her crave an easy way out carrying her daughter. As a mother to a young child, Tammy wanted something she could leave on her body without dangling straps all over, and that is how the idea popped up.

Rarely do people go into an investment with a particular investor in mind. Instead, one goes for the biggest benefits for a lower stake. However, TushBaby’s founder Tammy Rant did not mind the stakes; she wanted a specific Shark to work within her business. She came to the televised program Shark Tank intending to get an equity stake of $200,000 for 10%. Being a unique pitcher, Tammy presented her idea to the sharks with an already made up mind. She wanted to have a deal with Shark Lori. Though Tammy has two offers with Daymond offering her exactly what she asked for, she still went on pitching. When Lori eventually gives her a seemingly lower equity stake of $20,000 for 20%, Tammy quickly grabs the offer. Tammy got heavily criticized for her choice, but she set her company running and offering baby carrying solutions for parents.

Though the product had started getting recognition, out of the 2,500 sold baby carriers, only 25 individuals owned the product, translating to minimal or no market feedback. The Sharks ended up getting nervous about investing in the carrier because, despite Tammy claiming that the company has carried out market research, no physical shipments had been made.

TushBaby after Shark Tank

The baby carrier company has received recognition with over 1,000 5star ratings. The company that is still active in business does free shipping on $35+ from the target.

Thanks to TushBaby, carrying kids around is now fun. This carrier has prompted parents to ditch strap-ins, sacks and packs and get TushBaby carrier. The belted seat also consolidates your purse and diaper bag, thanks to the small pockets surrounding it and a loop that could be used as a toy attachment. Efficient, user-friendly and comfortable to the kid, breastfeeding mothers will not have difficulty adjusting their children’s positions.

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