battery-operated alternative to the traditional bulb turkey baster


Marian Cruz


$35,000 for 25%


$35,000 for 100%


Kevin Harrington



Company Background

What is Turbobaster?

The Turbobaster is a kitchen tool promising to provide chefs of all ranges with a nifty way to keep their dishes well basted. A comprehensive replacement for bulb basters and brushes, the Turbobaster employs a specially designed battery operated dispersal system to keep your roasts crisp, yet saucy. With the Turbobaster any chef can easily retain a useful reservoir of any variety of marinades, juices and sauces, and redistribute it evenly back over any roast later. Its easy to clean and intuitive to use, get cooking!

Who Owns Turbobaster?

Marian Cruz, inventor and owner of Turbobaster, was a talented and creative home chef before stepping into the fast world of entrepreneurial business. She runs her business with the same deft hand that she thrusts in the oven, and all the charm of the dishes she prepares therein. After spearheading development of her Turbobaster, Cruz continues to look for innovative solutions to culinary dilemmas and actively pushes her existing product line through a partnership with T.V. goods, a national commercial retailer.

Founder’s Story

Initially no titan of industry, Marian Cruz nonetheless made waves with her bold Tubrobaster prototype, an innovation hailed by some as long overdo. Like any true innovator, Cruz’s inspiration came in that moment of chaos between mundanity and disaster. Her thanksgiving preparations in shambles, an inferior baster having failed her, Cruz realized on the spot that there was a better way. Cruz spent the next five years developing and testing prototypes of her Turbobaster, refining it into what it is today: a cutting edge necessity for any serious chef.

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  1. This had to be one of the most pathetic pitches I’ve ever seen that got the sharks hook, line and sinker. It’d be like me walking in with a wooden block and telling them I’m making the newest radio/television/microwave, but this is my non-working prototype model, now give me $50k.

    • Marty,
      You are absolutely correct. It was a very funny episode to watch. the fact that there was a “bidding war” was even more hilarious.


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