Trunkster: Smart Luggage

Pitchzipperless smart luggage designed with a builtin GPS, digital scale and charging station
Entrepreneur Gaston Blanchet and Jesse Potash
Asked For$1.4 million for 5%
Deal$1.4 million for 5% to be repaid within 2 years
SharkMark Cuban and Lori Greiner
StatusOut of Business

Company Background

What is Trunkster ?

Trunkster is the smart luggage suitcase attempting to disrupt the luggage industry. The Trunkster’s key features include zipperless entry, USB charging with a removable battery, a built-in scale and GPS location tracking through the Trunkster app.

Founder’s Story

Trunkster was founded back in 2014 by Jesse Potash and Gaston Blanchett. In 2015, the duo introduced Trunkster to the world through crowdfunding campaigns on IndieGogo and Kickstarter.

The campaigns ended successfully with over $3 million in funding between the two platforms with over 7000 backers on board.

Trunkster Shark Tank Update

Did Trunkster Get a Deal on Shark Tank?

Trunkster appeared on Season 7 Episode 10 of Shark Tank in 2015 where they struck a deal with Lori Greiner and Mark Cuban of $1.4 million for 5% equity, which valued their company at $30 million.

Unfortunately, the deal fell through and neither Lori nor Mark remain involved with Trunkster.

Is Trunkster Still in Business?

Trunkster faced a number of difficulties that impacted their ability to get the business off the ground. Today, the company is currently out of business and the founders have moved on to new projects and roles.

Co-founder Jesse Potash, appears to have gone M.I.A and Trunkster’s other co-founder Gaston Blanchet, has left the company to work on a new project called Humanity.TV – a mobile app and interactive documentary for adventurers, explorers and travelers.

The lack of communication and transparency has left hundreds (and possibly thousands) of backers without their luggage and without recourse for a refund. There has even been talk amongst some backers of starting a class action lawsuit against the founders.

Why Did Trunkster Fail?

The unfortunate reality of Trunkster is that the founders and their backers bought into the fantasy of what Trunkster could have been but the founders were clearly way over their heads in attempting to bring this project to life.

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19 thoughts on “Trunkster: Smart Luggage”

  1. I’ve seen roughly 90% of all Shark Tank episodes:..

    This is the worst deal I’ve ever seen Mark or Lori make on the show.

    Might be tied for worst deal I’ve ever seen on the show.

    I was left in disbelief that Mark & Lori basically went along with their absurd $28 million evaluation.

    When watching this segment I mentally did the 1.4 million for 5% calculation about 3 times to verify that I was understanding what was happening.

    • I still can’t understand their rationale for making the offer. Its like they were all high on something.

      But it looks like they came to their senses before closing the deal.

      Maybe I should pitch a remote controlled suitcase and see who bites. 😂

  2. So glad to see CUBAN the moon bat lose, he usually gives money to the attractive crying females on his show, cuban is a loser

    • Hey Mark Christopher! No need to make insults or take personal swipes at people. Stop sucking your thumb and grow up. Also, please learn to read: “The Shark Tank deal fell through and neither Lori nor Mark are involved with Trunkster.” Neither one lost a dime.

  3. I just watch part of this pitch and missed seeing the bag so I looked it up on the internet. I suggest adding a disclaimer to the show so people will know that the deal fell through and the two guys are out of business.

  4. Two absolutely arrogant jerks who thought they’d reinvented the wheel. In the end, they couldn’t deliver, failed, and ripped off people, it seems, by the thousands. Thankfully their names are cocognizable and Lori and Mark were smart to bail and not get stuck with these arrogant fools.

  5. These two boys were so arrogant and full of themselves; I am not surprised they landed on their faces. Expecting everyone else to make them rich, while putting little work into their invention other than the idea. Cute bag, but I am sure their ideas have been thought of in other luggage manufacturing circles. Just a shame so many people lost their money, like a Bernie Maddow scheme if you ask me!

  6. I’m binge watching shark tank on Netflix during the lockdown and I felt the same, so googled and landed here.

    • TOTALLY AGREE! Narcissists who constantly interrupted with disrespect. Hated them the minute they walked in.

  7. I saw nothing but yellow flags with that pitch: absurd valuation on nothing but pre-sales, fairly generic product (granted, maybe these types of suitcases were not a thing back in 2015), and two founders that seemed to live in la-la land. I thought that the sharks would laugh them out of the room. Was shocked to see that any offer was made, let alone three. Now, here we are.


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