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Trippie Shark Tank Update: What Happened After Shark Tank?




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Ryan Diew


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Company Background

What is Trippie?

If you have ever traveled by plane, then you also know the pain of a layover. If you’re one of the unlucky ones to have a long layover, you have time to explore the airport and get something to eat before your next flight. If you’re one of the people who have a short layover, you don’t have much time to walk around with your bags, get something to eat, and relax for your next flight.

That’s where Trippie comes in. Trippie is airport navigation made easy. Not only does it offer flight tracking, but it has a detailed, interactive map of the airport so you can see where everything Trppie displays menus, reviews of the restaurants, hours of operations, and calculates how long it takes to get your food from a restaurant.

Founder’s Story

Ryan Diew came up with the idea for the phone app Trippie while at the airport. He was a sophomore at Colgate University in New York, traveling back home to Oakland, California, and he had a long layover. He wanted to get something to eat, but he didn’t want to bring his carry-on baggage through the airport, and he didn’t want to miss his flight. He eventually decided to let a stranger watch his bags while he went in search of food.

Diew set about teaching himself to code with Swift and worked with another Colgate student named Samantha Braver. Together, they pitched Trippie at the 2016 Entrepreneur Weekend and came away with more than $22,000 in funding. In 2017, he was a recipient of the Entrepreneurs Fund, which gave him $15,000 and a workspace to work full time on his idea.

After his business appeared on’s Coolest Colleges Startup competition, he was contacted by Shark Tank. Ryan Diew appeared on Shark Tank in October of 2017, asking for $100,000 in return for a 10% stake in the company. The experience Diew had on Shark Tank wasn’t anything that he expected.

One Shark didn’t think the app solved the right problem; another didn’t see a competitive advantage, while another didn’t view it as a full business. All five Sharks found issues with his app idea and turned it down.

Naturally, Diew was upset about their reactions and became frustrated. This led to one of the sharks becoming annoyed with how Ryan was reacting and pointed out that the app should be bigger due to the market size. At the end of Diew’s appearance, Mark Cuban, one of the sharks, challenged Diew to prove them wrong about the app.

What Happened to Trippie After Shark Tank Update

Is Trippie Still in Business?

Since appearing on Shark Tank, Trippie has expanded from four airports at the time of the its Shark Tank episode airing, to 22 airports worldwide, with airports in the U.S. being responsible for 82% of all air traffic. After the episode aired, the userbase for Trippie grew substantially. Trippie has since added a number of features including the ability to rate restaurants in the app. Currently, Trippie is only available on Apple iPhones, but there are plans to bring it to Android.

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