Toybox Labs: 3D Printer for Kids


Pitch3D printer toy builder for kids
Entrepreneurs Jenn Chin and Ben Baltes
Asked For$150,000 for 5%
Deal$150,000 for 13% + 2% advisory shares
Shark Kevin O’Leary

Company Background

What is Toybox Labs?

What if your child could design and print their own toys? With Toybox, that is not just a possibility, but is now a reality! Kids cam create their own logo using nontoxic materials from a kit, and that leaves one less worry for parents. Plus, they can be printed in 3D, which makes each design really. stand out.

You can create your own design or choose from our collection. Either way, you simply load it up and print it out for a toy you can enjoy!

Who Owns Toybox Labs?

Jenn Chin and Ben Baltes are the co-founders of Toybox. Prior to starting their business, they each had different career paths. Jenn Chin had been a graduate of California Polytechnic Institute and starting working as a product designer for Workday Corporation. Her partner, Ben Baltes, had previously worked as a software engineer for the Microsoft Corporation right before starting Toybox Labs in Oakland, CA.

Founder’s Story

Chin and Baltes each enjoyed their former careers in research and design, where they applied their skills in implementing new ideas everyday.

With Chin, her background had been in product design, which transferred into a brand new business venture in time. Baltes used his background in software engineering in order to develop the correct tools for design ideas online.

It wasn’t long before Ben Baltes rose to the position of CEO for Toybox Labs. He began designing layouts and developed the first plug and play that made it easy for kids to upload and print over 1 million eco-friendly toys.

Ben and Jenn started selling over 20,000 printers to boost their revenue, and the business soon began to take off. With Jenn’s help in video production and content creation, the business soon inspired millions of young minds everywhere.

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