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Titin Shark Tank Update: What Happened to the Weighted Shirt After Shark Tank?

PitchGel-filled, weighted, compression shirt
EntrepreneurPatrick Whaley
Asked For$500,000 for 5%
Deal$500,000 for 20%
SharkDaymond John

Company Background

What is Titin?

Athletes always seek products and systems that enable them to be faster, stronger, and lighter – enter Titin’s weighted Force system.

Titin Tech sells weighted shirts and shorts, specifically for athletes, that add additional resistance while training to enhance their strength and aerobic output, allowing them to maximize their results in competition.

Made out of moisture-wicking fabric, they consist of patented hydro-gel inserts placed strategically around the major muscle groups, allowing for zero movement of the inserts to take place while enhancing muscle growth during exercising.

The gel inserts have the additional benefit of being removable so that you can heat or cool them to assist in post-exercise recovery.

Although there are various forms of compression gear, Titin offers the most advanced options, used today by amateur and professional athletes, daily exercise enthusiasts, military, and law enforcement officers across the country.

Who Founded Titin?

The founder and CEO of Titin Tech is Patrick Whaley, a graduate of Georgia Tech who studied mechanical engineering before transitioning into Kinesiology and Physiology. Patrick remains active in the company today.

Founder’s Story

Patrick founded TITIN Tech in 2005 but was already dabbling with sketched designs in high school. A skinny kid, he used to walk around with a weighted daysack to try to put on muscle and later got into bodybuilding.

However, the idea for a weighted shirt to assist in achieving his training goals persisted and he designed a prototype.

In 2009 Patrick’s life took a dramatic turn. He was shot and left for dead in a failed robbery attempt. During his recovery, Patrick found his prototype weighted shirt more beneficial in regaining his strength than physical therapy.

Buoyed by the fact that he was living proof it worked, he raised $100,000 crowdsourcing on Kickstarter and $1 million on Fundable to help get the business started. His prototypes also received endorsements from professional athletes and even an honorable mention and feature in the Sylvester Stallone movie, Expendables 3.

As production began and sales online increased, the business started to gather incredible motion, with monthly turnover sales exceeding the $1 million mark allowing Patrick to buy out some investors.

However, with back-orders to fill and not enough cash to do so, Patrick started looking for new investors with clothing merchandise experience to help speed up production and offer guidance.

What Happened to Titin After Shark Tank Update

Did Titin Get a Deal on Shark Tank?

In Shark Tank Season 6 Episode 7, Patrick Whaley struck a deal with Daymond John, of $500,000 for 20% of Titin Tech, giving the company a $2.5 million valuation.

Following Titin’s success on Shark Tank in 2015, both Whaley and Daymond began promoting the company but things quickly took a turn for the worst in the following years.

Is Titin Still in Business?

A few years after their appearance on Shark Tank, Titin’s website went inactive, and social media accounts had been taken over.

It soon came to light that Titin, and Whaley in particular, were wrapped up in scandalous allegations surrounding the use of stolen technology to create Titin.

Patent Problems for Titin?

The alleged victim, Salah Zabian, had gone as far as to create an entire website dedicated to Patrick Whaley and his alleged fraud. Zabian goes into great detail about the technology and his attempts to reach out to other parties including Mark Cuban, Daymond John and Barack Obama.

Unfortunately for Mr.Zabian, in U.S., patent rights go to the “first-inventor-to-file”, which leaves him with little to no recourse.

Where is Titin Now?

As of July 2021, The Titin Tech website remains inactive but the Titin Force Weighted compression shorts can still be found on Amazon.

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