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Titin Weighted Shirt Update



gel filled weighted compression shirt


Patrick Whaley


$500,000 for 5%


$500,000 for 20%


Daymond John



What is Titin?

Since its inception in 2010, Titin has been creating trademarked weighted compression equipment from gel weights that dwell on your muscles with zero interference to your joints. You can naturally make full range movements when working out. Titin’s flexible eight-pound unit concentrates on your quick-twitch muscle fibers for enhanced fiber recruitment; thus, you can jump higher and run faster—okay, not as fast as batman or Captain America but at least way faster than Howdy over there.

Patrick Whaley knew his weighted compression gear would change how individuals worked out and nursed their injuries. However, he required someone with branding experience, technology, and apparel to ease the firm towards the future- FUBU CEO Daymond John from Shark Tank was the perfect fit. Daymond invested $500,000 in the firm for a twenty percent stake.

Although there’re various forms of compression gear, Titin offers the most advanced options. With the patented hydro-gel inserts fitting natural into workout apparel, this design alleviates the effectiveness of athletic workouts and helps avoid injuries,

The strategically-designed inserts lay across primary muscle groups as compressions. An anti-bacterial fabric holds the packs tightly to your body, eradicating shifting weights even during intense physical workouts.

Although Patrick enrolled for mechanical engineering, he started creating TITIN during his high school days. He struggled learning due to dyslexia, and teachers urged him to study trade, but he ended at Georgia tech. He studied kinesiology and physiology to expound his interest in the human body and fitness. Titin is used today by amateur and professional athletes, daily exercise enthusiasts, military, and law enforcement officers across the country.

About Titin and Whaley

Athletes always seek products/systems that enable them to be faster, stronger, and lighter- enter Titin’s weighted Force system. Apart from weighted Force shirts, Titin also offers the weighted compression shorts. The company launched a crowdfunding funding campaign to acquire $100,000 for mass-producing the revolutionary conditioning gear.

The weighted compression shorts feature similar specs as the Force Shirt System, such as moisture-wicking and anti-microbial properties. The shorts also entail medical-level gel weight packs with a similar density as your muscle tissue.

Campaign supporters of the Shorts system received merits such as the Titin shorts system for $99 pledges. For a $344 commitment, supporters got a comprehensive weighted compression suit (shirt and shorts plus a Lifestyle post-workout recovery shirt). $2,500 supporters received a Titin starter kit which featured five complete Titin Force systems plus five Lifestyle shorts with free customization and demonstration. $5000 supporters received all the perks in ten quantities.

During the night of 4th May 2009, Whaley was shot in his off-campus apartment after an altercation with the shooters. He had tried preventing the gunmen from robbing a couple, but they shot him in the chest. After the incident, the scared couple left him for dead.

He got surgery to remove a portion of his lungs to stop the bleeding; thus, he was always struggling for breath. After several weeks of therapy, Patrick was frustrated and tried out his weighted shirt, which gave more results than the therapy. He gained more energy and used the shirt for heat therapy.

Titin manages and monitors engagement using Infusion soft software. Titin sends product updates, promotions, and other information to its target audience with the email broadcast function. Infusionsoft also helps the firm automate mining and data entry tasks.

The adoption of this software has enhanced efficiency, which allows the company to concentrate on innovating their item and providing top-notch customer care. The sales also increased by 400 percent, with reduced time spent on marketing and sales activities.

According to Redddit user reviews, most customers loved the shirt and believed it’s worth every coin.

What Happened To TITIN Weighted After Shark Tank

Following TITIN’s success on Shark Tank in 2015, both Whaley and Daymond began promoting the company but things quickly took a turn for the worst in the following years.

TITIN’s website was inactive, and social media accounts had been taken over. The company appeared to have disappeared.

It soon came to light that TITIN, and Whaley in particular, were wrapped up in scandalous allegations surrounding the use of stolen technology to create TITIN.

The alleged victim, Salah Zabian, had gone as far as to create an entire website dedicated to Patrick Whaley and his alleged fraud. Zabian goes into great detail about the technology and his attempts to reach out to other parties including Mark Cuban, Daymond John and Barack Obama.

Unfortunately for Mr.Zabian, in U.S., patent rights go to the “first-inventor-to-file”, which leaves him with little to no recourse.

As of late 2020, The TITIN Tech website remains inactive but the TITIN FORCE Weighted compression shorts can still be found on Amazon.

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