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Throx Shark Tank Update: What Happened After Shark Tank?

PitchSets of three socks for when you lose an extra sock
Entrepreneur Edwin Heaven
Asked For $50,000 for 25%

Company Background

What is Throx?

Throx is a company that produces socks that are sold in sets of three instead of the standard pair. The company innovatively markets the socks as “the unsung cure for the missing sock”. Almost every person that wears socks has encountered the experience of misplacing them.

Who Owns Throx?

Before starting Throx, Edwin Heaven was and still is a reputable San Francisco-based writer and screenplay director. He has written and directed hundreds of radio and television shows and has won AAF’s Best of the West Award several times. Mr. Heaven has also appeared a few times at international film festivals and produced and directed a couple of short motion pictures.

Founder’s Story

Edwin Heaven created Throx to help put an end to the long-term mystery and frustration resulting from losing a sock in the laundry. His motivation was to help mothers and children avoid the predicament and inconveniences of throwing away one sock after its partner has gone missing. Therefore, he decided to manufacture and sell three socks for the price of a pair with the hopes that if one gets lost, the pair will still be complete. The first batch of Throx was manufactured in 2003.

Mr. Heaven then developed a website that he used to distribute the products as a direct-sales company. His product amassed notable popularity among teenagers and pre-teens and other people who enjoy having a spare for their favorite pair of socks. Before appearing on Shark Tank, he was averaging sales of $38,000 annually.

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