Thrive+ (Cheers): Hangover Cure


PitchMorning after hangover cure supplement
EntrepreneurBrooks Powell
Asked For$400,000 for 10%

Company Background

What is Thrive (Cheers)?

A cure for hangovers sounds like a dream come true. Thrive+ (recently rebranded to Cheers) has done just that. They have developed a miracle supplement to prevent hangovers. As they do not want to promote drinking and alcoholism, Cheers markets the tablet as a “vitamin” to take when you consume alcohol to minimize the negative effects on your body.

Who Owns Thrive (Cheers)?

Cheers (formerly Thrive+) origins were started by Brooks Powell while still in university where he stumbled across a journal about Dihydromyricetin (DHM) sobering up rats. He then embarked on a journey to see if this miracle drug would have the same effect on humans. By 2014 he was well on his way to developing a product that would turn him into a millionaire. He is now the founding member and CEO of Cheers.

Founder’s Story

In 2017 Cheers (formerly Thrive+) was able to finally launch after years of testing and research. It has exploded into the market being sold as a miracle cure for hangover prevention and a preventative supplement to take if you consume alcohol. After the initial growth of the product, Brooks applied to Shark Tank and appeared on the show in September 2017. Though he did not receive an investment from and of the Shark Tank team, his company growth expanded dramatically over the next few years thanks to the exposure of appearing on the show.

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