Friday September 24, 2021

Three Day Rule: Exclusive Matchmaking Service

Pitchexclusive, invitation only matchmaking service
EntrepreneurVal Brennan
Asked For$200,000 for 10%
DealNo Deal
SharkNo Shark
StatusIn Business

Company Background

What is Three-Day Rule?

There’s no swiping or catfishing going on at Three Day Rule, an outsourced match-making service for working professionals that does full vetting and face-to-face meetings with each candidate.

They then hook up potential matches with common interests, goals, and desires on first dates. In addition, each member dependent on the service they subscribe to gets a dedicated match-maker to ensure the process goes smoothly—the introduced potential soul-mates then meet at organized events or go on a date themselves.

The only catch; new members need to be endorsed by current members and fill in an application on top of paying a membership fee. The name is a nomenclature of the western cultural belief only to call someone after three days of meeting so as not to appear needy—made popular by the Vince Vaughan movie Swingers.

Who Owns Three-Day Rule?

Valerie Brennan and Talia Goldstein co-founded Three Day Rule in 2013. Talia is a graduate of Tulane University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication and Media, who worked for several TV networks as a producer.

It was while working at E! Entertainment that she met Valerie. Valerie Brennan is a law graduate from the University of Florida. Talia remains on the company’s board as the founder and president; however, Valerie appears to have left the company and returned to her career as a full-time lawyer.

Founder’s Story

Being heavily invested in their respective careers, both ladies seldom had a chance to go on dates. They were disappointed with online dating sites or the hassle of meeting what would later be unsuitable guys at bars.

The concept for Three Day Rule started as a fun blog contributed to by both ladies.

Its target audience was women, with topics such as which bars to meet a particular type of guy in LA, as well as dating advice and coaching. After noticing a large proportion of their readership was male, they started doing match-making and organizing events where singles could meet up.

After that, it began to take off, and with cash-flow from membership fees, Talia decided to quit her job to pursue it full time, with Valerie joining her full-time a year later.

With close to 10 000 members on their books and feeling there was a market to scale the concept online and into other cities; they started looking for investors to help grow the idea with a dedicated website and membership.

Three Day Rule Shark Tank Update

Is Three Day Rule Still in Business?

Three Day Rule remains in business with an active website and headquarters in Los Angeles. It has since grown to over 50 employees, acquired new board members, and operates in 12 cities across the US. It has also partnered with other online dating sites like Match (who invested $1.25 million in 2014) and OkCupid. In 2018 the company partnered with Amazon to offer dating advice through Alexa to Amazon Echo subscribers.

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