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April Morris


$80,000 for 20%







Many women struggle with weight issues. Anyone trying to lose weight will try anything suggested. Nothing frustrates anyone battling weight problems like being called fat. Being called fat got into April Morris and she decided she was not going to keep calm about it.

As a chubby single mom, April found an entrepreneurial idea on her physical challenge. She did not like how she looked and thought of a unique way of losing weight. As a single mom raising two kids, April wanted to start a business that would make her successful, but she did not have an idea. She started a career in real-estate but quit when she was successful enough to start her own business. April later started a business but realized she was running out of money before she came to Shark Tank for a boost.

THINgloss’ Founding story

April got frustrated after being called chubby at a Christmas Party. As a result, she started trying out diet pills. Though the medications were effective, April began to experience severe side effects and eventually let go of the tablets. One day as she sat applying her make-up, she wondered if they could be a fragrance or herb that could be put in lipstick to help women with weight problems. After endless research, April came across a South African herb, Hoodia, which is believed to control appetite. She further researched the aroma that is thought to boost energy and mood once inhaled and began combining the ingredients into the lip gloss. The idea behind THINgloss was, you inhale it approximately 30 minutes before eating.

In her research, April found out that people who ate Hoodia are skinny and need not lose weight. These people used Hoodia to curb their appetites as they wandered through the desert looking for something to eat.

April came to Shark Tank, asking for $80,000 in exchange for a 20% equity stake. Though she was not offered a deal, she remained confident and went ahead to set up her business. April had a dream of hitting $1 million the following year even though her current sales were $18,000.

THINgloss After Shark Tank

Even though none of the Shark’s gave April’s THINgloss a deal, the company thrived, thanks to the Shark Tank effect. The lip gloss got a warm reception from women who helped April attain her $1 million mark the following year. The product also received a fair share of criticism with critics claiming that the other ingredients used like caffeine have nothing to do with weight loss. In 2012, April decided to end business and move on with life though she actively updates the company’s Facebook page.

Though the business is no longer operational, April Morris did not let it die abruptly. She made sure she sold all her products before deciding to go into a different venture by publicly announcing on her YouTube channel. She is currently a sales consultant and a motivational speaker. April launched her sales consulting business in 2012, where she teaches faith-centred entrepreneurs and speakers how to get clients online using their own stories authentically.

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