Thin Gloss

PitchLip gloss that suppresses your appetite to help keep you thin
EntrepreneurApril Morris
Asked For$80,000 for 20%

Company Background

What is Thin Gloss?

Thin Gloss was a product that assisted in weight loss for women. It worked like ordinary lip gloss but helped suppress a person’s appetite. The product was easy to use. The user would sniff Thin Gloss 30 minutes before a meal, apply it to their lips, and enjoy the benefits.

Who Founded Thin Gloss?

The creator of Thin Gloss was April Morris, a single mother of two kids. Before she created Thin Gloss, April had a great career in real estate. April ceased production and sales of Thin Gloss on August 1, 2012. Now, April works as a sales consultant and motivational keynote speaker.

Founder’s Story

The unique journey of the Thin Gloss product began when two female co-workers at a work party referred to April as chubby. As a result, April took diet pills to lose weight, but the side effects gave her jitters and made it difficult for her to sleep. She got the idea for Thin Gloss when she applied lip gloss while waiting at a traffic light. April wondered if there was a scent that could help her lose weight.

After extensive research, she came across Hoodia, a South African herb that helped with appetite control. April researched other aromas that could boost the mood of a person and enhance their energy. When April had enough money, she quit her job in real estate and put all her savings into the creation of Thin Gloss. April hoped that her Thin Gloss would help other women lose weight or feel better about themselves.

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