The Space Traveler




kids car seat divider cover that gives your children their own space while on long car trips


Krissy Pruske and Rachel Lincoln


$100,000 for 33%


$100,000 for 33% + $2 royalty until $100,000 is repaid


Barbara Corcoran



What is Space Traveler

The Space Traveler is the family feud saving, car seat separator for kids invented by San Antonio moms, Krissy Pruske and Rachel Lincoln.

Unlike car seat separators of the past, the Space Traveler is a lighweight, easily collapsible, tent-like cover to kids visually and physically separated while traveling.

It also comes with mesh window panels and large accessory pockets for storing snacks or drinks.

Space Traveler History

The two moms are seasoned inventors having first launched a naptime mat with a pillow called Sleepyheadz in 2013. Unfortunately, they were ripped off not once, but twice when they showcased their products to a company.

This time, the mompreneurs took their product to Shark Tank with the hopes that they could find a savvy business partner to help them navigate the hard cold world of business.

Space Traveler Reviews

The Space Traveler has gained a lot of attention since its appearance on Shark Tank.

Although many have been quick to criticize the product as a “bad idea”, with existing products like the Backseat Wally and the Inflatable Car Backseat Divider, it seems there is a market of frustrated parents seeking similar solutions.26095126

Space Traveler After Shark Tank – Where Are They Now?

The company isn’t currently listed under Barbara’s investments so its likely the deal didn’t close.

But the Space Traveler is currently accepting pre-orders with fulfillment expected in 60-90 days.

In the meantime, if you’re in desperate need of something to save your family trips, you can try out the Backseat Wally, Inflatable Car Backseat Divider or this creative dad’s child car seat divider solution.

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