The Last Lid

PitchWater-resistant and critter-resistant kevlar fabric cover for garbage bins
EntrepreneurKevin Kiernan and Melissa Kiernan
Asked For$40,000 for 20%
Deal$40,000 for 60%
SharkDaymond John
StatusOut of Business

Company Background

What is The Last Lid?

The Last Lid was was a reusable garbage can lid made of a heavy-duty fabric. It was designed to be water-resistant and adjustable to fit any trash can. The Last Lid was also meant to help act as a deterrent to keep wild animals like raccoons from getting inside, as well as keeping the contents contained should the trash can be knocked over.

Who Owns The Last Lid?

Husband and wife duo Kevin and Melissa Kiernan are the inventors of the Last Lid. Melissa is a graduate of the University of Hartford in Arts and Sciences. An event coordinator, she’s since split with Kevin and now works as a realtor for a company in New Jersey.

Kevin is a graduate of Villanova University with a BA in Business. He comes from a sales and IT background, specializing in automobile needs. According to his LinkedIn profile, he’s presently “filling voids in certain markets with patented products.”

Founder’s Story

The Last Lid was born out of the couple’s morning routine of finding and replacing the garbage bin lid, often lying yards away from the knocked over trash can due to wild animals nocturnal raids tipping it over and making a mess.

After multiple run-ins with the pesky critters, the cover finally went missing one day. After searching high and low, Kevin gave up and decided to invent his own, even conducting video surveillance of the offenders to enhance the product better.

With a prototype design, a solid business plan, and everything ready to go, they just needed investors to believe in their pre-revenue product.

The Last Lid Shark Tank Update

Is The Last Lid Still in Business?

Despite some funding and a functional website, and even an infomercial, the product never really took off despite some initial sales success, as they couldn’t get it into the mainstream retail market.

The company has been out of business as of 2015, having been acquired by a large garbage can manufacturing company. They have a defunct website with the domain name for sale and static social media pages.

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