The Factionist

Pitchline of t-shirts with social awareness messages
EntrepreneurNate Berkopec
Asked For$30,000 for 20%

Company Background

What is The Factionist?

The Factionist is a clothing line of casual streetwear made out of ethically produced materials and environmentally aware practices. It has a lot of socially aware slogans, sayings, and logo’s emblazoned across them. The Factionist hopes to become not just another new line of apparel, but a youth identity movement. Hoping to appeal to the youth of the day as they become more woke.

Who is the Founder of the Factionist?

The founder of The Factionist is Nate Berkopec, a business student at New York University during its conception and subsequent graduate with a Bachelor’s degree. The idea for The Factionist fizzled out within a year due to a lack of funding and Nate moved onto other things. He is now the owner of The Speedshop, a one-man consultancy helping companies develop faster and more scalable apps.

Founder’s Story

Nate’s plan to save the world as a social justice warrior while still appeasing his inner capitalist came about during his university days. Realising his peers and those his age were becoming more socially conscious and more involved in politics, Nate wanted to create an apparel brand that like-minded people could resonate with — whilst adhering to environmentally sound practices.

And so he started ordering t-shirts and getting socially conscious sayings printed on them. Within six months, mostly selling on campus to his university alumni, he managed to generate $3000 in sales.

He soon realised that with virtually no business experience and no capital to scale beyond that, he wasn’t going to achieve the goal he’d set about envisioning. And so he went looking for investors to help him gain the success he was after.

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