The Cookie Kahuna

PitchHawaii inspired cookies from a chocolate chip cookie connoisseur
EntrepreneurWally Amos
Asked For$50,000 for 20%
DealNo Deal
SharkNo Shark
StatusOut of Business

Company Background

Founder’s Story

Long before The Cookie Kahuna, Wally Amos was the face of another cookie company, Famous Amos.

Through a number of business mishaps, Wally lost his company along with the right to use his name or likeness in any future business endeavors.

But his passion for making cookies stayed with him. Wally channeled his passion into building his second cookie company, The Cookie Kahuna.

In 2017, Wally and the Cookie Kahuna appeared on Shark Tank. Although impressed with his cookies, the Sharks were not nearly as interested in the business.

Production costs were too high and profit margins were too low.

Investing in Cookie Kahuna would be too much of a risk for the Sharks. Sadly, Wally left the Tank without a deal.

Cookie Kahuna Shark Tank Update

Did Cookie Kahuna Get a Deal on Shark Tank?

On Shark Tank Season 8 Episode 3, Wally Amos entered the Tank seeking $50,000 for 20% and left without a deal.

Where’s Wally Amos Now?

According to an interview in Charlotte Magazine, Wally had a business partner who initially promised to fund Cookie Kahuna while Wally focused on operating the business.

Unfortunately, that partner left to focus on another venture, and without the funds to operate, Wally was forced to shut down company.

Determined to get his cookie empire off the ground, the lively 82-year-old went back into the kitchen to start baking again.

Wally began focusing on his new cookie company, Aunt Della’s Cookies. The was name chosen in honor of his aunt Della who first taught him how to bake.

His new cookie company was briefly featured in an IndieGogo campaign in 2019 but unfortunately closed without any funding. It appears the business is no longer active.

Despite his misfortune in the cookie business, the 84-year-old, Hawaiin-shirt loving Wally Amos won’t give up on his cookie dreams and will continue to spread joy through his cookies wherever he is.

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      • Stolen…indeed. With so much access to attorneys having been an agent representing global talent, how did he end up in this predicament? Shame on the so-called friends he had around him.

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  2. I personally met Wally Famous Amos when he was flying high with his chocolate chip company. I met him at Johnson and Wales University in Rhode Island. He was a speaker at a THINK and GROW RICH SEMINAR. I was one of maybe 400 attendees. Wally Amos is one of the genuinely nicest people on earth. Despite his fame at the time, I almost felt when I left the Seminar I had made a new friend. I called him once in Hawaii for a favor. I was in New Jersey. He again was generous with his time and sent me a poem I had been looking for. God Bless this wonderful man.


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