The Original Comfy




the original sweater blanket


Brian Speciale and Michael Speciale


$50,000 for 20%


$50,000 for 30%


Barbara Corcoran



Company Background

What is The Comfy?

The Comfy is the wearable blanket with full sleeves and hood, the super comfortable and easily worn way to stay warm. The comfy is the one product sold by the Cozy Comfort Company LLC, they only sell one product because that is all they need but it does come in a large variety of styles. Marketed as the blanket you can wear like a sweatshirt, the comfy is made of super soft material and sold at a price point that is attainable for all.

Who Owns The Comfy?

Michael and Brian Speciale, brothers from the Phoenix, Arizona area, were first-time inventors that had never created or marketed a product before. Brian was a TV producer. The product and company have now grown so large that it is a full-time job for them both. The Comfy brothers credit their family for inspiration and support.

Founder’s Story

The Comfy Bros came up with the idea for the comfy while Michael was going through a divorce and the brothers were living together. Michael’s 7-year old nephew, Brian’s son, was wearing a large hooded sweatshirt, way too big so that it covered his whole body and they thought, “Do they make something like this for adults too?” Well, they decided to make it themselves.

Back in 2017, they made the first prototypes and within months were pitching their idea to the investors on the popular TV show Shark Tank. They were motivated to share this product so that they could provide happiness and portable comfort for all: men, women, and children alike.

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