The Bobble Place

Pitch custom bobblehead toys
Entrepreneur Jeff Wolsky
Asked For $75,000 for 18%
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StatusIn Business

Company Background

What is The Bobble Place?

Bobble Place is a company which specializes in producing custom, made-to-order bobble head figurines. Customers are able to request bobble heads of themselves, loved ones, celebrities, cartoon characters, and more. Customers are additionally able to select the material their bobble heads are made from, either resin or polymer, as well as the time frame within which they’d like the order to be completed, between one and six weeks.

Who Owns The Bobble Place?

The founder and owner of Bobble Place is Florida resident Jeff Wolsky. Jeff has yet to be particularly vocal about his life or career prior to his public role as Bobble Place’s CEO; however, before his company grew into what it is today, he initially focused on selling wedding accessories. He appears to have gone into business some time after completing high school, although the specific time frame has yet to be clarified.

Founder’s Story

In fact, Jeff’s early work in selling wedding accessories is what initially became the first iteration of what would later become Bobble Place. Along with the more typical accessories of sashes and veils, Jeff had the idea to start selling bobble heads.

At first they were for brides and grooms, but quickly grew to include newlyweds’ family members and guests more broadly. They then outgrew the realm of weddings altogether, becoming a sought after gift in their own right.

Due to this popularity, Jeff decided to focus the company’s manufacturing capabilities solely on the bobble heads, thus leading to the Bobble Place of today.

What Happened After Shark Tank Update

Is The Bobble Place Still in Business?

The Bobble Place of today remains open for business and continues to thrive financially.

At one point Jeff considered opening mall kiosks for the figurines, thinking brick and mortar outposts might prove profitable, but eventually decided to ditch the idea and keep the company online only in order to minimize potential risk.

As of 2021, Bobble Place continues to generate seven figure annual sales with no plans of slowing down.

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