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over-the-shoulder baby bottle holder for easier feeding


Martin Hill


$200,000 for 20%


$200,000 for 30%


Lori Greiner and Ashton Kutcher



Until Beebo was born, doing other things such as reading a book or browsing through your phone was while bottle-feeding; their children were next to impossible. The worst part is learning how to hold it so that you do not end up spilling it on your child’s ears, providing more opportunities for more problems. You neither want to end up hurting the baby nor spending more than 30 minutes doing one thing. But thanks to Beebo’s invention, feeding a child has never gotten more convenient.

About the Founder

Martin, the founder of Beebo, watched how parents and babysitters struggled with feeding their children with both hands even when they had other things to do. So he thought to himself: since a child needs to be bottle-fed at least eight times a day, why not come up with a product that can make it easier to feed children with one hand? That is how Beebo was born.

According to Martin, Beebo has received a positive response from customers. In a recent interview with, he gives all the credit to Shark Tank for believing in his product, which has sold out twice than what was initially invested. The two sharks that came to his rescue helped him gain momentum to improve the products to be approved by many. The product is available in variants of charcoal, raspberry and purple.

How Beebo was born

When Martin cold-pitched with Shark Tank investors for $200,000 in exchange for a 20% equity stake, the deal was sealed immediately. The best part is he brought a baby on stage to demonstrate how this product will transform parents’ lives across America and the world. With this product, you don’t have to hold the baby in one hand and the bottle in the other. All you need is to strap it on your shoulder and attach the bottle to it. Viola! You can now read your favorite book while feeding a child at the same time!

Beebo after Shark Tank

Before Shark Tank, Beebo’s revenue had reached a total of $1,800 as of February 2020. By March, its revenue doubled upbringing to a total of around $3,600 for an MRSP of $39.95 and a production cost of $10.86. From this observation, it is evident that Beebo will attract more profits considering the numerous endorsements it has received from big-box retailers interested in purchasing the product on wholesale.

What’s next for Beebo?

Having invested up to $180,000 since the first day Beebo was born, Martin has done nothing but express his joy towards the responses he has been getting from his customers. His projection for next year is expected to about 14,000 units. While this may seem like a low projection for a company with so much potential, it is unclear how the situation will be. Since babies need to be fed and parents want to use their other hand to complete other tasks, the future of Beebo is still bright. To learn more about Beebo, visit the official website.

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