The Bang Shack: Specialty Dips

Pitchworld famous chicken and vegan dips
EntrepreneurJason Hadley
Asked For $80,000 for 20%
DealNo Deal
SharkNo Shark
StatusIn Business

Company Background

What is Bang Shack?

The Bang Shack is a world famous dip created by entrepreneur Jason and his wife Claudia. Popular amongst parties, The original Chicken Bang Dip propelled Jason to sell his product at farmers markets which have now branched out to three different variations including; a Vegetarian Dip that is zucchini based, a Vegan Dip made from scratch out of cashews and of course the famous World Class Chicken Bang Dip.

Who Owns Bang Shack?

Entrepreneur, Jason Hadley is the owner and creator of The Bang Shack along with his wife Claudia. Originally hailing from a mixed heritage family in St. Petersburg, Florida, Jason found his passion for cooking from a young age.

Cooking for his single Mom and four siblings, Jason also worked hard in Sales which later allowed him to marry both passions together helping him to create his now successful growing company, ‘The Bang Shack’ which now has three different popular flavours.

Founder’s Story

Hailing from a mixed heritage family in St. Petersburg, Florida, Jason found his love of cooking from a young age. Being one of four children in an impoverished family, Jason had to became very creative in the kitchen, which served him well later in life.

He found his second love, sales during his period of selling newspapers and candy bars door to door at age 10. However, Jason’s biggest test was when he found out he was going to be a father at age 15, prompting him to shift gears adding an even higher level of determination to succeed.

Continuing to raise the bar in his successful Sales career, Jason was invited to a networking event, that would change his life forever. Requiring him to bring a dish, Jason brought his popular Chicken Bang Dip, which was an instant hit.

This inspired him to return back to his first love of cooking, which led to eventually selling his popular dips at the local farmers markets. Now selling his three variations at The Yellow Green Farmers Market in Hollywood, Florida.

Bang Shack Shark Tank Update

Is Bang Shack Still in Business?

The Bang Shack has now transformed into a successful restaurant at The Yellow Green Farmers Market, opened between 9am – 4pm on Saturday and Sunday only.

Sales for his company have increased from $53,000 in 2017 (pre Shark Tank) to $88,000 in 2018 (post Shark Tank) at Yellow Green Farmers Market in Hollywood and Parkland Farmers Market.

The product can also be purchased online via Uber eats, Grubhouse and Postmates.

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