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What is Swimply?

Swimply is the pool sharing marketplace that allows hosts to rent out their pools to users at an hourly rate.

With Swimply, non-pool owners can have affordable access to the luxury of swimming pool while owners can make a passive income from their often underutilized pools.

The platform is currently available to pool owners and renters in the U.S., Canada and Australia with rental prices ranging from as low as $20/hr and up to $275/hr. Pools are also listed as being either “family friendly” or “party friendly”.

Swimply History

The idea for Swimply came to founder, Bunim Laskin, after asking his neighbour if his family could borrow her pool. His neighbour accepted with the condition that they pay for a portion of her pool maintenance expense.

Bunim soon realized he had a potential business on his hands and set out to launch Swimply in the summer of 2018.

After launching, the company quickly raised over $1 million in a pre-seed round of funding.

In 2019, Bunim pitched Swimply in Season 11 of Shark Tank with the goal of catching a Shark who could help the company meet its 3-year projection of $239 million.

Swimply Reviews

Swimply has received a lot of interest since its launch.

Waves of people are signing up to rent pools but the company has had trouble getting pool owners on board.

Google Play Store reviews for Swimply show a 3.9 rating with many complaining about the apps functional issues – a problem Bunim hopes to address with additional funding.

Swimply After Shark Tank – Where Are They Now?

Swimply didn’t land a deal with the Sharks but they’ve continued expanding their listings into several cities and are undoubtedly looking for investors.

Visit the Swimply website
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