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Supply Razor Shark Tank Update: What Happened After Shark Tank?




luxury, stainless steel, single-blade razor


Patrick Coddou and Jennifer Coddou


$300,000 for 10%


$300,000 for 15%


Robert Herjavec



Company Background

What is Supply Razor ?

The Single Edge 2.0 razor from Supply Razor has revolutionized the style of the single-blade razor and is redefining what it means to have a close shave. Designed with the versatility of three custom shave settings, this razor gives men and women a custom shave they will be satisfied with. Furthermore, the injector-style blade cartridge ensures touchless blade replacement.

Who Owns Supply Razor?

Patrick and Jennifer Coddou created the Supply Razor from the belief that a closer and cleaner shave is possible for everyone. Moreover, achieving that clean look does not have to cost a ridiculous amount of money. They are committed to creating durable razors with a quality they are proud to stand behind.

Prior to setting out on their entrepreneurial journey, the Coddous had been a typical couple attempting to climb the corporate ladder to success. Patrick worked as an engineer at Lockheed-Martin. Most notably, he was assigned to the Skunk Works division and later to the F-35 Lightning II project. Jennifer Coddou was formerly a math teacher at the Young Women’s Leadership Academy.

Founder’s Story

Supply Razor was a small business that started out of their home, and although they put their efforts into it, it was slow to turn a profit. Knowing that their products had potential on the market, Patrick and Jennifer quit their jobs and began a journey to make their small business a top priority.

Today, Patrick’s engineer and design skills, along with Jennifer’s knack for entrepreneurial endeavors, makes their company one that’s built on a rock-solid foundation. Their company continues to expand under their incredible leadership and vision.

And that is where their lives began to change. The Coddous put their heart and soul into growing their company, learning everything from how to design their own website to marketing their products. After many months of commitment, they applied for Shark Tank, knowing an investor could help them turn their company into something big.

The Coddous found their motivation and spark in providing the best of the best in quality products. They have shown the entrepreneurial world what it means to commit and work through the tough times to make a company big.

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