The Sullivan Generator

Pitch Electric generator that uses the earths spin to produce renewable energy and desalinate brackish water
Entrepreneur Mark Sullivan
Asked For$1,000,000 for 10%

Company Background

What is The Sullivan Generator?

The Sullivan Generator is a theoretical design concept for a generator that produces electricity naturally and for free. It will do this by harnessing nothing more than the natural rotation of the earth. An idea, if feasible, that would bring a smile to the perpetually dour face of Greta Thunberg!

Naming the Coriolis Effect as the chief cause of the spin that operates the generator, it has another by-product, in the form of gold production. And if workable, it could turn ocean water, needed in the production process to make it work into clean drinking water too.

Who Owns The Sullivan Generator?

The designer of the Sullivan Generator is Texan, Mark Sullivan, a MENSA society member, and inventor. Apart from giving a talk at a MENSA seminar in July of 2012, Mr. Sullivan has not made any further public appearances on its behalf. He has managed to get 36 patents for the generator since and is accepting donations via PayPal to assist in funding the development of it and other projects.

Founder’s Story

Mark Sullivan is an inventor by trade, claiming to have designed over 1000 different inventions, some of which enable him to earn royalties. The Sullivan Generator is one such invention. If workable, it could prove a game-changer and potentially change the world. The primary one being a reduction in our need for ozone and climate-damaging coal, used for the production of energy.

Mark initially wanted to produce 200 generators, all remotely controlled. He felt with sufficient funding, all 200 generators could be operational in nine months.

What Happened to the Sullivan Generator After Shark Tank

Did the Sullivan Generator Get a Deal on Shark Tank?

Mark Sullivan and the Sullivan Generator appeared on Shark Tank in Season 3 Episode 11, seeking $1,000,000 for 10% (a $10 million valuation) to help bring his energy innovation to life.

Unfortunately for him (and possibly the world), the Sharks did not bite and Mark left the Shark Tank without a deal.

Is the Sullivan Generator Still in Business?

It appears though that the generator concept as visualized by Mark has been discredited as not workable, nor has he managed to raise any meaningful funds to assist in further development.

Mark does however, run a website,, listing his numerous inventions and on which the generator is listed. He invites interested investors to make donations for further research. Clearly a very clever man, good luck to him.

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