Storm Stoppers

Pitch storm protection shelters
EntrepreneurJohn D. Smith
Asked For$100,000 for 10%
DealNo Deal
SharkNo Shark
StatusIn Business

Company Background

What is Storm Stoppers?

Storm Stoppers is an alternative to plywood used to cover windows during hurricanes. On demand, the company can supply DIY corrugated plastic that you can use to cover your windows.

The efficacy of Storm Stopper to protect windows during storms and hurricanes has been tested. In two separate tests, the Storm Stopper was able to withstand a canon and a wind test.

Who is the Storm Stoppers Founder?

John D. Smith is the founder of Storm Stoppers. John is a serial inventor and entrepreneur. Before inventing Storm Stoppers, he had established a toilet cleaning company.

He also invented Clever Covers and Clever Fan Wave. Storm Stoppers was John’s last invention. He is the current President of Storm Stoppers.

Founder’s Story

John’s motivation to create Storm Stoppers can be attributed to his past failed inventions. As mentioned, John was a serial inventor. However, one of his past inventions, Clever Covers, wasn’t as impactful as he had hoped.

Luckily, on the second time of asking, he used the fasteners from the failed product and corrugated plastics to make Storm Stoppers. John was also motivated to look for alternatives as there was a shortage of plywood.

At the time, there had been four consecutive hurricanes. John’s ultimate motivation was to find a solution to withstand the devastating effects of these hurricanes. Thankfully, his corrugated plastics were a great fit.

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