Squirrel Boss


PitchRemote controlled, squirrel zapping bird feeder
Entrepreneur Michael Desanti
Asked For$130,000 for 40%

Company Background

What is Squirrel Boss?

Squirrel Boss is a remote-controlled bird feeder that repels squirrels from their favorite snack by sending a slight shock. With the push of a button, the owner delivers the correction from 200 feet away. The Squirrel Boss package includes a stainless steel feeder, remote, two batteries, and an a/c charger.

Who Owns Squirrel Boss?

Michael J. Desanti, the founder of Squirrel Boss, trained in aerospace technology and spent time as an aircraft inspector and mechanic. Michael is multi-talented in his skillsets with experience as varied as restoring antique cabooses to operating earth excavators.

Founder’s Story

Michael lives in an outdoor wonderland nestled in the woods of the Pocono mountains. He loves all the woodland creatures but found himself frustrated by the ongoing depletion of birdseed as the squirrels routinely raided his bird feeders.

So Michael came up with a plan. He developed a prototype and field-tested it for 22 months before beginning production.

An angel investor put up $140,000 to help Michael, and he started to sell the Squirrel Boss online in 2009.

With profits reaching $196,000, Michael knew he had a winning product on his hands. Not long after, he appeared in front of the Sharks, hoping to secure a deal that would help him take the Squirrel Boss to the top.

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