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What is Somnifix?

Somnifix Strips are the patented breathable mouth patch that helps reduce mouth breathing and snoring for a more restful sleep.

Its a simple, convenient device for those looking for solutions to mouth breathing or snoring that may even help with cottonmouth, bad breath, sore throat and nasal congestion.

The lightweight, adhesive mouth strips were designed for CPAP users, open mouth breathers and snorers. It is not recommended for use by those with sleep apnea.

The Somnifix strips gently adhere to your lips and allows for your jaw to move naturally while keeping your mouth closed.

Somnifix Before Shark Tank

The Somnifix mouth strip was invented by Nicholas’s father and physician, Andre Machalak, as a way to help himself and his patients who suffered from chronic snoring due to mouth breathing.

Before Somnifix, taping your mouth shut was considered by health care professionals to be a viable solution to mouth breathing.

With this in mind, the Michalaks went on to invest $1.4 million into developing their internationally patented mouth strips distinguished by the breathing vent in its center.

The company was launched in 2018, and within 9 months had brought in over $350,000 in sales and are now being shipped internationally to Canada, Europe and Australia.

Somnifix Reviews

Positive reviews from the Ultimate Globe Trotter and the SnoreLab have helped give credibility to Somnifix’s mouth breathing strips. The product can be found on the Somnifix website and on Amazon where it has a 4 out of 5 star rating with over 1000+ reviews.

The majority of reviewers praise its effectiveness and improved sleep quality. However, although stated at hypo-allergenic, some have had issues with the adhesive causing skin irritation, rashes, or breakouts. Those with sensitive skin may want to look at other solutions.

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