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When you think of tea, pictures of a piping hot liquid in a delicate cup come to mind. Something about it just screams the bourgeoisie.

This was at least until Jenni-Lyn Williams and her line of Snarky Teas came into the picture. Her teas are delicious, it’s true but with names like “Calm the F Down,” it’s clear they’re not intended for the snobby.

Snarky Tea’s Story

Snarky Tea came into being in 2016, by Jenni-Lyn Williams. The overworked Philadelphia native was struggling at her corporate job. On top of that, she was going to school for her MBA and raising kids too. To say her life was stressful is an understatement.

She began drinking copious amounts of coffee to handle the responsibilities of her stressful life. She drank so much; she suffered from mid-day jitters and anxiety. They were so debilitating; she went to see her doctor. It was here she learned; she had to cut back on her caffeine intake and switch to tea.

Any coffee drinker knows this is practically a death sentence. It doesn’t make it any better that most teas found sound as if fairy princesses spun them out of cotton. As an ambitious women on the go, it’s no wonder Jenni-Lyn could not find good options that fit her needs or personality. This is why, she created Snarky Tea.

It’s a tea made for women with no interest in being docile and quiet. It’s for loud, driven women who want to change the world. Jenni-Lyn’s line of funny but functional teas helps women operate at their best so they can easily handle the challenges life throws at them. There are also some to help women unwind and go to sleep on time.

Snarky Tea Now

Snarky Teas is growing in popularity every day. But, most of us know about this line because of Jenni-Lyn’s appearance on Shark Tank a few years back. The savvy entrepreneur walked away with a joint investment of $150,000 from Shark Tank regular Kevin O’ Leary (Mr. Wonderful to his fans) and guest Bethenny Frankel from the Real Housewives franchise.

Several new promotions have been launched since then as well. In 2018, the company’s subscription service for repeat customers came into fruition. A month later, in July, they launched a program helping women become independent reps for the company.

Snarky products was advertised in Vogue and Jenni-Lyn was a featured entrepreneur in some other magazines as well.

More recently, Snarky Tea has partnered with another Shark Tank Company (BRUW) to create a simple cold brew iced tea system. The result is a tea that’s less acidic, smoother, and easier on the stomach than the conventional ways of using hot water. Lower levels of acidity also mean that even the subtlest flavors of the tea come out, making for a more complex brew.

The result is a combination that will revolutionize the way tea lovers enjoy their iced tea. Their system ensures that you’ll get all the flavor without the hassle. It is the most sustainable, cleanest, and tastiest way to make cold brew at home. Plus, it’s very easy to use.

The excellent quality and taste of Snarky Teas have won the hearts of tea lovers everywhere and its snarky marketing attracts more customers than it repels. It seems Jenni-Lyn’s intuition that her demographic would display their at-tea-tudes as a badge of pride works well.

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