PitchSilicone and velcro lock for securing gym weights
Entrepreneur Martin Dimitrov
Asked For$150,000 for 15%
Deal$150,000 for 20% + extra $50,000 for parents
SharkMark Cuban, Lori Greiner and Alex Rodriguez

Company Background

What is Snapclips?

SnapClips are a simple but ingenious solution to a problem that many may not even have realized existed. Almost like a super heavy-duty version of an inspiration of a popular ’90s fad, the SnapClip was created by at the time high school student Martin Dimitrov and provides a Godsend of a product for Gyms all over the globe.

Who Owns Snapclips?

Martin Dimitrov was just a high school student with a knack for determination, enthusiasm, and sales (he and some of his friend even worked as telemarketers and then created their own telemarketing company).

While he and his fellow students were challenged to find a creative solution to an everyday problem, the idea for the SnapClip was born.

Martín is currently a college student at the University of Illinois at Chicago as he simultaneously grows his business.

Founder’s Story

While weight lifting in high school gym class, Martin Dimitrov observed the little clips that hold the weights on the end of barbells awkwardly and cumbersomely going on and off the bars and not always staying on the way you want.

He thought of the snap bracelets or slap bracelets from the 1990s and set about to create a prototype.

Martin and some high school classmates used $300 of the $2,500 they were given to expand this idea immediately on applying for a patent.

Good thing they did as someone else tried to apply for the same patent merely 22 days later.

This was 2016 and they launches a Kickstarter, raising more than $25,000 which quickly proved that this idea had legs and had a built in buyer base that was excited for this solution to their common nuisance.

In 2017 a ton of development to determine the best way to achieve the proper ease and durability took place and in 2018 the determined Dimitrov grew the brand. He is on pace to continue growing SnapClips more and more.

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